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Horse Tracks: Broncos getting down to business to take on the Giants

The Broncos are game planning for the New York Giants this weekend. Don't expect bad-Eli Manning to show up this week - the Broncos Orange Crush defense needs to show up for this one.

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CHirs Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Upon Further Review: vs. Ravens |
Independent analyst Andrew Mason takes his weekly second look at the game tape. He notes that Julius Thomas transforms the Broncos' offense.

Derek Wolfe: Pack Mentality |
In his second NFL season, Derek Wolfe is looking to step into a leadership role.

Broncos News & Blogs

Three Broncos Named to PFF Team of the Week |
Pro Football Focus, website dedicated to statistical analysis of the NFL, released its Week 1 Team of the Week Tuesday.

Broncos' Shaun Phillips provides sack power in Von Miller's absence - Denver Post
In the upper corner of Shaun Phillips locker, a bumper sticker is smoothed onto the wall. Issued by the U.S. Marines, it reads: "Lead ... Follow ... Or get the hell outta the way."

NFL, other leagues deal with players' use of amphetamine Adderall - Denver Post
Tom Nalen understands the NFL grind. While anchoring the Broncos offensive line for the better part of 14 seasons, Nalen got the glory of putting on the jersey every Sunday, as well as the obligations that come the other six days of the week.

Broncos QB Peyton Manning on Top - NFL Mocks
The 2013 NFL season is underway, and with two games yet to play Monday night, it’s time to take a look at the 2013 MVP Power Rankings.

To Fake or not to Fake? Giants' Attempt to Slow Broncos' Offense Won't Work - Predominantly Orange
The Broncos offense ran 68 plays against the Ravens in week one. It was no where close to the Ravens’ 87 plays because they were simply so efficient that they didn’t need the ball for that long.

AFC West Breakdown 2013: Week One - Predominantly Orange
The Broncos looked way back to January for some inspiration for their performance. They didn’t have to. All they had to do was look on the side of their stadium and see Joe Flacco hanging there.

Denver’s big-time receivers - It's All Over, Fat Man!
was looking over the Broncos' roster the other day and noticed something that really had an impact on me. With the obvious growth of Julius Thomas’s NFL skills, Peyton Manning now has six targets who stand 6’3" or taller.

Broncos Media

Inside the Workout: Ryan Clady |
Tackle Ryan Clady focuses on cardio and agility as part of his offseason training regimen to prepare for the NFL season.

Elway Access Podcast: Week 2 |
John Elway and Broncos TV's Chris Hall break down the opener against Baltimore and preview this week's game in New York.

Week 1: Top 5 NFL Films shots - NFL Videos
NFL Films cameramen capture some of the best footage in football. Check out the top five NFL Films shots from Week 1 of the 2013 season.

AFC West Rival Roundup

Bolts & Dolts: San Diego Chargers lose to Houston Texans, 31-28 - Bolts From The Blue
Bolts & Dolts is a morning-after recap of the San Diego Chargers game, handing out cheers and jeers for those Chargers players that performed above or below expectations.

Random Thoughts on the San Diego Chargers After Last Night's Loss - Bolts From The Blue
I'm happier with what I saw after getting some distance from the game and other thoughts.

Bradley McDougald is lone addition to Chiefs Week 2 depth chart - Arrowhead Pride
Sanders Commings officially lands on injured reserve, which opens another safety spot for McDougald.

Raiders week 1 Ballers & Busters - Silver And Black Pride
The best and worst performances by the Raiders in their week one game in Indianapolis.

Raiders week 1 Ballers & Busters: Part 2 - Silver And Black Pride
The Ballers have been counted, so now it's time to lay out the performances that contributed to the Raiders losing their season opener.

Raiders open week as 6-point favorite against Jaguars - Silver And Black Pride
Just 24 hours removed from a near upset, the Raiders have been rewarded with faith from betting experts.

NFL News & Blogs

D.J. Hayden's Heart is in the Game | The MMQB with Peter King
Tori Hayden had a son, and she raised him as a single parent. She dropped out of college to do it. He chose football, and she didn’t worry about the potential for broken bones or a bruised brain; she was just happy he wasn’t selling drugs or buying them.

The post-mortem, Week 1: Dumb penalties, ugly turnovers & more Christian Ponder -
Your team lost last week. Condolences. We're here to do the dirty work, so you can understand why and grieve properly.

This Cleveland Browns 'Les Miserables' parody is perfect -
What's the only thing more tragic than a tale of imprisonment, selling teeth and hair, orphaned children, doomed revolution and suicide? The Cleveland Browns.

Which college football coaches will the NFL look into, if Chip Kelly keeps this up? -
It's hard to imagine a more impactful regular-season debut for an NFL head coach than former Oregon coach Chip Kelly in Philadelphia's win Monday night over division rival Washington.

Ndamukong Suh fined $100,000, avoids suspension - Pride Of Detroit
Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has been hit with a $100,000 fine for his low block against the Minnesota Vikings.

Brandon Jacobs back with New York Giants -- report - Big Blue View
Published reports indicate Brandon Jacobs will sign with the Giants today.

Philip Rivers -- all of Philip Rivers -- is back in epic come-from-ahead loss -
Philip Rivers had a down year in 2012, both as a quarterback and as an overly cocky, eminently GIF-able personality with a penchant for dramatic failures. After Monday night, 2013 looks to be a banner season.

Chip Kelly's Insane and Predictable Formation - Bleeding Green Nation
Chip Kelly ran an astounding Double Triplestack play that the Redskins had seen before -- and still couldn't stop.

NFL power rankings, Week 2: 49ers still on top, Patriots climbing -
The first week of the season is a special time for jumping to conclusions. But our weekly power rankings are here to provide you with some stability. Some.

Where's the killer instinct? | National Football Post
When an offense is coming off a season in which it statistically ranked No. 8 in the league, scored the seventh-most points and the fifth-most touchdowns, was second in the NFL in third-down conversion rate, and came within a play of moving on to the Super Bow—and featured a Pro Bowl quarterback, a tandem of 1,000-yard wide receivers, and a tight end destined for the Hall of Fame—it’s usually pretty difficult to find fault with such an assemblage.

Yards per Carry and Points per Drive | Football Perspective
I’ve written a couple of times about "yards per carry" as a key statistic to grade running backs. The usual argument in favor of using YPC is that a running back who rushes for 1200 yards on 300 carries is less valuable, all else being equal, than one who rushes for 1200 yards on 250 carries.

Teams Who Moved Most After Week 1 Clashes | Bleacher Report
Life is good. NFL football is finally back—and Week 1 was unsurprisingly full of surprises.

Broncos and 49ers Look Like Super Bowl Favorites - NFL Mocks
It’s far too early to crown a champion in the NFL. A LOT can happen over the course of the next 15 games for all 32 teams, but right now, I think there are two teams who stand out above the rest, and they are the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers.

NFC North Division Outlook: Green Bay Packers Solve Few Problems - NFL Mocks
In the first evaluation of the division title races around the NFL, none offered more surprises than the NFC North. Capping the week was a somewhat surprising day for the reigning champion Green Bay Packers.

Advanced NFL Stats: Field Position Proves Crucial In Week 1 Tilts
The importance of field position in football is, despite its position as one of the indomitable "little things," still an understated facet of the game. Just take a look at last year's field position data from Football Outsiders.

'Had a Bad Day' Team, Week 1 |
Decker earned a spot on this team with a career game. That is to say he had the worst game in his entire career. Dropping three balls is bad enough, but you factor in a fumble as well and you’re a shoe-in here. Joining him is Little, a man who we thought had put this type of play behind him. He hasn’t. With two drops on eight targets he remains an incredibly frustrating player.

NFL Power Rankings Week 2 | Fanspeak NFL Blog
Peyton Manning looked just about as good as he ever has. That team has Super Bowl or bust written all over it!

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