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Report: Von Miller Bench Warrant Issued in Orange County's another one of those "minor" indiscretions...

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Von Miller was cited in Orange County California in March of 2012 for speeding (allegedly).  He never paid the ticket (fact), never showed up to court (fact), and was subsequently issued a bench warrant for failure to appear (report).  This latest news comes from CBS.

Susan Schroeder, Orange County District Attorney Spokesperson, confirms Miller never showed up for that ticket and a warrant was issued for his arrest.  That warrant is currently active out of Orange County, California.

The DA's office also sent notice to the DMV that Miller never paid a fine or showed up for court.

This news comes on the heels of information today that Von Miller was cited just last week for speeding (allegedly) and driving with a suspended license (allegedly).

Miller was cited last week in Arapahoe County, he was ticketed and released to the custody of his father who was with him at the time that he was cited. He was not arrested, his Father drove home from there.

Which comes on the heels of another arrest (fact):

The Denver Broncos linebacker was arrested in August on an outstanding failure to appear warrant stemming from a December traffic violation.

Which comes on the heels of a 6-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy (fact).

Let's see did I miss anything?

Coach John Fox had this to say regarding Von's "alleged" and "factual"  """indiscretions""" after practice today:

"Everyone here has an individual responsibility to not only themselves but to this organization as well as to this football team," Fox said. "It's something we're not pleased about, and we'll leave it at that."

Well since we're having a ball of a time with "Overreaction Wednesday" (killer read by BigPete you should all check out), how's this for overreaction:

Von Miller is a selfish (personal opinion), egotistical (personal opinion), simpleton (personal opinion), that thinks he's above the law (pretty much truth by now wouldn't you agree? cough, I mean "opinion")

I wish we were back in the 80's when Lawrence Taylor was doing blow on the sidelines (allegedly) without any sort of punishment from the league (I think), but truth is, we're in the age of Goodell (fact) whereby players can be punished for these "punitive" (your opinion) actions.

Bottom line (my opinion) this behavior proves to me that at the very least Von Miller doesn't know how the real world operates.  Must be the millions he will have to pay back to the Broncos (fact).

So MHR, in the spirit of jovial laughs, can someone get this through Von's head?

Or at the very least, break out that million dollar bank account and pay the fine?

Is that too much to ask Broncos Country?

Flame Away MHR (your opinion), and while you do, I'll be watching the Giants, you know since we have a game this week.