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Denver Broncos Power Rankings Around the Web: Week 2

CHirs Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Our weekly look around the web for how the Broncos rank in NFL Power Rankings. Previous ranking in parenthesis.

SB Nation - 2 (3)

Seven touchdowns in one game. It's the least talked about thing from Week 1, but we're getting used to Peyton Manning writing his name in the record book, with ink. He might not be done with gaudy stats thanks to a little help from the schedule. The Broncos only face three more playoff teams from last season.

Mile High Report - 1 (3)

A 49 point beat down of the defending Super Bowl champions more than warrants a jump back to the top spot. I do believe this is what Brian Dawkins meant when he said, "TAKE IT!"

ESPN - 3 (4)

Seven TDs against the defending champs? The Manning Bowl could be a nice encore opportunity -- Peyton and Eli finished 1-2 in Week 1 passing yards, both reaching at least 450.

CBS Sports - Pete Prisco - 1 (1)

If anybody doubted Peyton Manning before the opener, they certainly don't anymore. The Broncos defense also did some surprisingly good things.

CBS Sports - Pat Kirwan - 1 (2)

Switched top spots with San Francisco because of all the matchup issues the offense presents. So, they didn't run the ball very well last week. Who cares when Peyton Manning throws seven TD passes?

Associated Press - 2 (2)

(4 first place votes). The AP Pro32 is determined by a simple points system based on how each voter ranks the NFL's 32 teams. A team receives 32 points for each first place vote, 31 for second place and so on through to the 32nd team, which receives one point.

FOX Sports - 2 (2)

Welker, Thomas and Thomas each had two touchdown receptions and Andre Caldwell added one for good measure. That's seven touchdowns in one game and Erick Decker, last year's touchdown leader, is not even in the books yet!

Average Ranking: 1.75

Average Change: +0.33

Where do you have the Broncos ranked?