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Peyton Manning Chases History

After Peyton Manning's record tying 7 TD performance last week, I got to thinking. What exactly is the all time record for most TD passes in back to back games? For that matter, what is the mark for a 3 or 4 game stretch.

Ezra Shaw

For a 2-game stretch, both Tom Brady (2007) and Tom Flores (1963) hold the all time record with 11 TD passes over a two-game span.

In 1963, Flores threw for 5 TD's against our Broncos in a 35-31 shootout won by the Raiders and followed that up with a 6 TD performance in a blowout win the following week against the Oilers. Over those two games, he combined for 679 yards passing with 11 TD's and 3 INT. The amazing thing about his record setting performance was that he managed to throw 11 TD's on just 28 completions and 50 attempts.

In 2007, Tom Brady and the Patriots lit up the scoreboard on a weekly basis. In week 6 against Dallas, Tom finished with 5 TD's en route to a 48-27 victory against the Dallas Cowboys. From there, Brady lit up the Miami secondary to the tune of 6 TD's and a perfect QBR. His total game on 52 complettions, 71 attempts, 742 yards, and a flawless 11-0 TD/INT ratio.

Four other Quarterbacks have thrown for 10 TD's in a two game span, one of them is Peyton Manning. In 2004, Peyton threw for 4 TD's against the Chicago Bears (41-10 win) and followed that up with a 6 TD performance against the Lions (41-9 win). His two game totals are 40-56 for 447 yards and 1 INT.

With 4 TD passes in today's game, Peyton can match the mark set by Tom Flores and Tom Brady. He can break the record with 5TD passes.

For reference, the all time mark for a three game stretch belongs to Peyton Manning (15 TD's in a three-game stretch in 2004).

Peyton also set the all time record for most passing TD's in a four-game stretch (19 TD's in 2004). It's interesting to note that all but one QB that is in the top 10 for a four-game stretch are from the modern era (Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Manning). The only "old school" signal caller on the list? Dan Marino from 1984.

Broncos fans have the opportunity to witness history twice in a row. Let's hope Peyton treats the Giant secondary to a show, GO BRONCOS!

Fantastic job done by Topher Doll compiling the list and numbers for this record!