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Broncos 41, Giants 23: Making the Grade

Poll time: How did the Broncos look to you in their Week Two victory over the New York Giants?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


  • The Broncos won by a wide margin. At the end of the day, that is all that matters, and a three-score victory in the NFL is something to appreciate and celebrate.
  • The Broncos scored 41 points, putting their two-week average at 45 points, on pace to break NFL records.
  • The running game found its groove behind the impressive performance of Knowshon Moreno (93 yards and two touchdowns), with 109 rushing yards for the day.
  • The Broncos defense was dominant, forcing four turnovers while giving up only one third down conversion on 11 Giants attempts.
  • The run defense in particular was a point of strength, holding Giants runners to 23 yards on 19 attempts (1.2 average).
  • The offensive line gave Peyton Manning a clean pocket all day; despite a few pressures and hits, they allowed no sacks to Peyton Manning.


  • Another slow start. The Giants were up 3-0 at the end of the first quarter, and the Broncos were only up 10-9 at halftime.
  • 13 penalties for 132 yards was egregiously bad, referee stupidity notwithstanding.
  • While Knowshon Moreno's 7.1-yard rushing average was impressive, other Broncos runners were less so, giving the group an average of 3.8 ypc. Montee Ball's first quarter goal line fumble adds to the concern of Denver's running back depth.
  • Dropped passes were points of frustration throughout the game. Eric Decker had nine catches on 13 targets while Wes Welker had three receptions on nine targets. I expect both will be getting notes on their lockers from Peyton Manning this week.
  • Only one sack by the Broncos, by Danny Trevathan - the defensive line needs to get better at getting to the quarterback.

How would you grade the Broncos' Week Two performance? Take the poll and dish it out in the comments!