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Denver Broncos Injury Update: Robert Ayers and Duke Ihenacho are fine

It was a disastrous 4th quarter for sure. Ryan Clady, Duke Ihenacho, and Robert Ayers all went down with injuries late with the game already in hand.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

We've learned today that Ryan Clady will be out for a significant amount of time with a lisfranc foot injury. After that piece of terrible news, the football Gods graced us with a bit of a respite from their wrath:

I think it is fair to trust each player's assessment of their own body and it looks like both will be ready to go next Monday night against the Raiders.

Both players have played key roles on a defense that has stymied the run, been adequate against the pass, and more importantly have been exceptional on 3rd downs and in the redzone.

Personally, I think the Broncos should sign Tim Tebow just as a good luck charm, he's got good mojo right?

Broncos Country, it is imperative that you avoid stepping on cracks as you walk on the sidewalk, drive the other way if a black cat crosses your path, remember to make the sign of the crucifix as you pass graveyards, and avoid changing your underwear all week. Do all of those (that last one especially) and the football Gods will smile upon our players.

If another player goes down with a serious injury, MHR will have to talk Bronco Mike down from the ledge. Seriously, enough already!