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MHR's Overreaction Tuesday

Each Tuesday I'll be discussing this week's Overreactions that we all get inundated with from the national media. This week's overreactions were scarce to say the least, but here are some of them.

Overreact Much?
Overreact Much?
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

How about those Eagles, huh? Man, we were BLESSED to see them light up the NFL opening week on the road, so now that they are at home, we are about to witness pure offensive bliss! Vegas usually sets over/under numbers for the combined score, but not this week. This week they set the over/under on how much ass the Eagles were gonna kick to the tune of 156 points and 201 offensive snaps! Everyone, BET THE OVER!!!! If you have a house, mortgage that sucker. If you have a mortgage already, slap a 2nd mortgage on it. This is EASY money people! It isn't like they'll only score 30 points and run 57 plays. Wash that negativity right out of your mouth! This team will score early and often. Forget practicing plays, that is for suckers. Chip Kelly has his team practicing how to sprint to the line of scrimmage and hand the ball to the ref! This is how dedicated they are to running 201 plays per game and scoring 156 points! With that type of practice philosophy, what could possibly go wrong?

We all thought the "Manning Bowl" would be the game in which two top flight passers would light up the skies for air supremacy... Little did we know that a few hours later the REAL game with the NFL's two best and most prolific passers would duke it out! That's right, Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson. Word on the street is that these two young bucks aren't simply mobile, but they are the two best passing QBs in the NFL today! Aaron Rogers? Drew Brees? These guys couldn't hold Wilson and Kaepernick's wristbands! The real question entering this game was whether or not Kaepernick and Wilson should be allowed entry into the Hall of Fame while still playing or not. Ron Jaworski personally commissioned the sculptor who does the bronze busts to start work on Kaepernick's and Wilson's statues. Whether or not it is just their faces or if it is their whole bodies sitting on Jaw's knee like he's Santa is being kept under wraps though.

But now I'm sidetracked. Back to the game.... Here we are, witnessing the two best passers in the NFL duke it out for... wait for it ...... 269 yards! No, not each, combined! Wait... that must be a typo, because there is no way that Kaepernick and Wilson, the two quarterbacks who are lighting every team but the Eagles up combined for 269 yards unless that's the stat line after the first quarter. Let me verify..... Yep, 269 yards, 1 touchdown and 4 interceptions. Quite the aerial supremacy indeed! Way to go you guys, you almost matched Eli Manning combined!

There was noticeable outcry last week about the Kansas City Chiefs. Not because people said they are Super Bowl bound (because they are), instead, it was because they beat the crap out of the hapless Jaguars. C'mon Chiefs, show a little class will you? You do NOT need to score 28 points if you don't have to! Scoring 17 would have done the job just as well, and might have saved the fans in Jacksonville the mental anguish that led them to form a protest for a slightly more accurate QB than Peyton Manning... Tim Tebow. We get it Kansas City, you're the best team in the AFC West, the AFC, and the NFL. Now can you please stop running up the score and just simple beat a team by 1 score? I get it, Andy Reid hates the Cowboys because of his Philadelphia roots, but please, take it easy on them. I know you're capable of hanging 17+ on this NFC East juggernaut cause you're just that unstoppable, but I'm just here to tell you that you don't have to if you think it'll hurt Tony Romo's fragile psyche. Thank you!

Ryan Clady is out with a Lisfranc injury! The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!! Actually, the sky is falling. This isn't an overreaction at all.

Should Mike Shanahan bench RG3 after an 0-2 start in which it took the QB forever to warm up? Sure, why not? I thought it was the rule not the exception that says "take a QB #2 overall, start him, have him lead you to the playoffs, and then bench him the next year. Let him learn from said benching, and then have him rise like a phoenix and dominate the NFL for the next 15 years!"... So hey, give it a go. It worked for..... umm.... umm.... Surely it worked for someone, right?

And since I mentioned the mother of all page hit generating QB, Tim Tebow, let me just say this... It is NOT an overreaction by the fans of the Jaguars. The Jags front office SHOULD sign him ASAP. Not only is he better than Gabbert can ever hope to become, but it would drive ticket sales, merchandise sales, ad revenue, tv revenue, tv viewership, and heck, we'll sprinkle in some national recognition to go along with it. Signing Tebow will destroy their hopes of landing Teddy Bridgewater because Tebow will win enough games to completely destroy the Jag's hopes of landing the #1 overall pick, they should still take him. It's time to make themselves relevant again, and Tebow will most certainly do that. Just let him run the spread. Maybe Chip Kelly will give the coaching staff pointers since Jax could have the best spread offense QB that the game of football, let alone the NFL, has ever seen!

Finally, here is an overreaction for you, the NFL referee! You guys are soooooooo paranoid about hard hits that you are calling these games as if it were flag football. You guys throw more flags than my ex-wife's credit score! Just because someone gets hit hard doesn't mean it's helmet to helmet, or a defenseless receiver. Stop overreacting to your personal interpretations of the rules! If your plan is to put skirts on the players because they're so fragile, then give me Colin "He's a Hall of Fame QB" Kaepernick... he's dreamy!

Finally pt2... IT'S RAIDERS WEEK! <---Now watch that link and get fired up!!! Anyone going to the game can hit me up tailgating in the parking lot!