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MHR's NFL Week Three Picks

Are you keeping up with your MHR Pick'em predictions? Still alive in the Survivor pool? Well, get in there and don't forget to have your picks in by Thursday!

Doug Pensinger

A much better week last week for us here at MHR going 12-4 in never too shabby. I took a lot of well deserved guff for predicting Washington over Green Bay, maybe Mike Shanahan has lost his mojo-- heck maybe every mobile quarter back has... RGIII, Mike Vick, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick all got handed loses.

Is it the end of the mobile quarterback? Have teams finally figured them out? It is too early to tell, but it only takes one defense to print the blue print and it is lights out for the majority of the season and back to the drawing board for General Managers, draft strategies and predictions.

Here are my picks (winners in italics and the loser is crossed out) for Week Three.

Thursday, September 19th 8:25 PM ET
at Eagles
Andy Reid head-to-head against his former team and the guy that replaced him? My vote is on Andy, no matter how many yards LeSean McCoy runs for and though I am not as high on the Chiefs as some in the NFL are starting to become, this is a game that they win.

Sunday, September 22nd 1:00 PM ET
at Ravens
The Texans are due for a loss, but Baltimore was a late game touchdown away from winning 7-6 over Cleveland. I don't see the Ravens pulling this one off. Oh, and Andre Hopkins is fun to watch. Think that he can really be better than Andre Johnson? Not with Matt Schaub as his quarterback. Houston still wins.

Giants at Panthers
New York can't go 0-3, they just won't. Carolina is just one week removed from nearly shutting down everyone's new favorite team in the NFL, the Seahawks. Eli Manning will pull this one off capable and get the Giants' season back on track.

Lions at Redskins
Much like their NFC East cohorts the Giants, Washington must win this week or their whole season is going to look impossible. Detroit is also looking to not come up lame in the NFC North, but this week just isn't their week.

Chargers at Titans
San Diego is legit! Just kidding, they just don't suck bad enough to lose to Tennessee. What is interesting for me is wondering whether Eddie Royal can keep scoring touchdowns. It will be even harder this game, because he's basically the only healthy Chargers receiver left.

Cardinals at Saints
I like Arizona this year, but not enough to take them over New Orleans. I really don't see anything table pounding about the Saints though either, yes I know that they beat the Falcons, but only because Matt Ryan couldn't get anyone he threw the ball to to catch it.

Buccaneers at Patriots
I know that Tom Brady needs receivers, but not to be Tampa Bay. How long before Greg Schiano is back coaching a college football team?

Packers at Bengals
Is Green Bay the third best team in the NFC? Cincinnati is arguably the second best team in the AFC. That's kind of scary in that neither of them are comparable to the Broncos. I think that I have to go with Green Bay on this one.

Rams at Cowboys
Sam Bradford had the second most passing yards of his career last week against the Falcons. Despite having seen every game that has been played this season, I cannot remember a single specific play from the Dallas Cowboys. Despite that, I will still take them over the flailing Rams.

Browns at Vikings
It is really too bad that Brandon Weeden likely won't be available for this game, because he would have killed Minnesota. Josh Gordon is finally back from suspension, but Jason Campbell will be throwing him the ball. Tough. Minnesota gets the win here and Adrian Peterson rush for what, 150-175 yards?

4:05 PM ET
Falcons at Dolphins
Although it is tough to not say Jacksonville vs Seattle is my game of the week, I have to go with Atlanta vs. Miami. If the Dolphins want to be considered a legitimate team this season, this is the game that will have to be won for them. Atlanta is without Steven Jackson, Roddy White is hurt, Julio Jones is hurt. I think they will still win though.

4:25 PM ET
Bills at Jets
The two rookie quarterbacks facing off for what hopefully will be the first of many, many games against each other. Buffalo is clearly better for this one, Mario Williams racked up four and a half sacks last week. I think that he could go for four more here. Buffalo by a lot.

Colts at 49ers
Had this game taken place in week one, it would have been so much more intriguing. I hope that Andrew Luck makes it out of this one alive, of course all those bumps and bruises he accumulates in this game will just be healing around the time that Denver comes to town in Week Seven. I take the home team in this one.

Jaguars at Seahawks
Hopefully you don't have to waste Seattle in your survivor pool on this game. Seahawks by four scores?

8:30 PM ET
Bears at Steelers
Da Chicagoans, how did Pittsburgh get so bad so quickly? Will the return of LeVeon Bell even help? Why are they not figuring out a way to get rookie wide receiver Markus Wheaton involved somehow?

Monday, September 23rd 8:40 PM ET
Raiders at Broncos
Just so you guys are aware, Kyle likes Oakland in this game. Kyle also picks the Rockies to win the World Series every year. Denver gets a practice game against a running quarterback in time to prepare for upcoming games against RGIII and Michael Vick.

Through week two Broncs Cheer, MrFNSunshine and Bad Football Pun are all tied for first with a 26-6 record. That is pretty incredible, on the staffers side Tim Lynch has 23-9 record. If you're interested, here are the full rankings thus far.