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Moreno Week: Denver Broncos Mic Up Knowshon Moreno against New York Giants

Being a Knowshon Moreno fan is coming back in style.


We just love Knowshon Moreno this week.

After rushing for 93 yards (averaging 7.3 yards a carry) and scoring two touchdowns in the Denver Broncos' 41-23 win over the New York Giants on Sunday, Moreno has become a popular subject. Coach John Fox gave Moreno the team's Week 2 game ball (Moreno also received an MHR Game Ball), tight end Julius Thomas tweeted that Moreno is one of the funniest players in the locker room, and Knowshon was nominated for a weekly award on

Still haven't had your Knowshon Moreno fill? Check out Bronco Mike's film breakdown on Moreno's two rushing touchdowns and then check out the footage from Moreno being mic'd up on Sunday.

The Broncos (Chris Hall, presumably) debuted a great feature this week by wiring Moreno and defensive lineman Derek Wolfe in Sunday's game.

There's the sound of pads being smacked around and some behind-the-scenes audio that fans would never get to hear if not for the wiring. Some of the highlights include:

  • (Singing): "She can have a Grammy, I still treat her as a nominee!" — Moreno during pregame.
  • "I appreciate you making plays and making [me] look good, that's the one I've been pushing for all week." — Running backs coach Eric Studesville to Moreno after Knowshon's first score.
  • "Look, see me turn around? I say, 'Oh!'" — Moreno on the sideline, presumably arguing that he was open on a receiving route.
  • Grunts and heavy breathing.
  • "I would have had a pick if he had threw (sic) that." — Wolfe to his teammates after providing coverage on the previous play.
  • "Are you serious? Did you see that?" — Wolfe to a referee after being held on the previous play.

The full video of Moreno and Wolfe wired can be viewed on

(Hat tip to Rich Kurtzman for the link. Find Kurtzman on Twitter: @RichKurtzman)