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Horse Tracks: Raiders still stink

Opps. I'm a couple of days early. Sorry, I can't help myself. It's Raider week and I want nothing more than to see 12 touchdown passes and 14 defensive takeaways on Monday night. Alas, my expectations are lofty.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos hopes ride on Chris Clark replacing Ryan Clady | The MMQB
No pressure, Chris Clark, being thrown into the fire protecting Peyton Manning's blind spot and keeping a Super Bowl hopeful humming. Plus, more of what I'll be watching in Week 3

Broncos News & Blogs

Limiting Pryor’s Legs |
Raiders quarterback Terelle Pryor can hurt opponents with both his legs and his arm.

Focus on McFadden |
The Broncos will be looking to continue their success against the run when Darren McFadden and the Raiders come to Denver Monday.

Woodyard's World: Week 3 |
Just wanted to start this week's entry out by sharing my excitement about some news my wife and I recently received. We are expecting twins. It’s still in the early stages but we’re counting on God to bring them to us. We’re excited, really excited about that.

Bailey: 'I'm Definitely Close' |
Cornerback Champ Bailey said he'll "hopefully" be ready to play Monday night against the Oakland Raiders.

Peyton Manning plans to attend final home game for buddy Todd Helton - Denver Post
Peyton Manning got to thinking some more about his good buddy Todd Helton.Manning, the Broncos star quarterback, had just said a bunch of nice things during his news conference Thursday.

Looking at Peyton Manning's protection, Nuggets lineup, Rapids fever - The Denver Post
Oooh, fancy word! Thank to, I can now answer your question. I would say "quite apoplectic."

Broncos' Champ Bailey limited at practice for Oakland Raiders - The Denver Post
Cornerback Champ Bailey, whos missed the first two games of 2013 with a foot injury, was limited during the Broncos Friday practice.

Beware the Kansas City Chiefs - It's All Over, Fat Man!
You’re not going to like this, but I thought it was time that we all came to the realization that the Chiefs are legitimate. Briefly, today, I’ll share some thoughts on this most regrettable of topics.

Fat Camp: How to watch film, Part 1 - It's All Over, Fat Man!
It’s my belief that every fan can benefit from some level of watching film with intent. What I mean by that is that it’s not really all that meaningful to run the game a couple of times, mostly watching the ball and expecting to get anything of value from it beyond the superficial comments of the announcers.

TE Joel Dreessen Close to 100% for Broncos - Predominantly Orange
Denver Broncos tight end Joel Dreessen had a career year last year with 41 receptions for 356 yards and five touchdowns while seeing playing time in more than 75% of the offensive snaps.

Broncos Media

Locker Room: Moreno 'Still Working' |
Demaryius Thomas talks about facing the Raiders, Knowshon Moreno on the running backs and Joel Dreessen says he's on the "right track."

Bailey on Health, Status for Week 3 |
Champ Bailey talks to the press after Friday's practice.

Gase on Clady, Moreno, Oakland Pass Rush |
Offensive coordinator Adam Gase talks to the press after Friday's practice.

Del Rio on Raiders' Pryor |
Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio talks to the press after Friday's practice.

Fox on Opening Against Division |
Head coach John Fox talks to the press after Friday's practice.

NFL News & Blogs

Know the score: The contenders -
It's never too early to take a look at the NFL playoffs, not even two weeks into the season. Using the latest Super Bowl odds, here's a look at the potential contenders.

NFL coaches on the hot seat: Ron Rivera still seeking first win of 2013 -
Rex Ryan, Ron Rivera and three others on our hot seat watch lost in Week 2, while Dennis Allen managed a win. Also, where does Gus Bradley belong?

An illustrated guide to playing cornerback with Richard Sherman -
Who's the best corner in the NFL right now? Richard Sherman would tell you that he is, and he makes a good case for it.

An illustrated guide to playing cornerback with Richard Sherman -
Who's the best corner in the NFL right now? Richard Sherman would tell you that he is, and he makes a good case for it.

Does Trent Richardson give the Colts an edge over the 49ers? -
The Browns had no problem parting with Trent Richardson for a first-round pick, and the Colts were all too eager to take him. Is Richardson overrated for averaging just 3.5 yards per carry in Cleveland, or did the Browns give up too quickly on the 2012 No. 3 overall pick?

Browns trade rumors: Joe Thomas says 'we are all on the block' -
Joe Thomas believes everyone is up for grabs. Meanwhile, former president Mike Holmgren rips the organization for the Richardson move.

Top 10 Postseason Matchups We'd Love to See | Fanspeak NFL Blog
This was on our Top 10 games to watch because you can never get enough of Peyton vs. Tom. And depending how much longer these two play, this could be one of the last postseasons we see them battle to make the Super Bowl. So we want to see it again, and again and again…this match-up never gets old.

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