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GIF: San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers Kicks Ball in Loss to Tennessee Titans

Courtesy of Bleacher Report, we have a wonder GIF goodie for your viewing pleasure this afternoon.

(CBS Sports)

Oh, San Diego, how easy you make it for us to mock thee.

The Chargers (1-2) fell to the Tennessee Titans (2-1) by a score of 20-17 on Sunday afternoon. Before the clock hit zero, however, San Diego executed one of the most humorous plays of 2013.

The Chargers' final play featured nine laterals, culminating with quarterback Philip Rivers kicking the ball backwards (which is a penalty). The GIF, courtesy of B/R, can be seen below:

The full play can be viewed on

The Denver Broncos will face Rivers and the Chargers in Week 10 on the road (CBS) and in Week 15 at home on Thursday Night Football (NFLN).  View Denver's complete schedule here.