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MHR's Overreaction Tuesday

Each Tuesday I give a recap of the week's overreactions that we all get inundated with from the national media, and even some overreactions that I created myself.

The Denver Broncos can kiss their Super Bowl aspirations goodbye with the loss of stud Left Tackle Ryan Clady (I'm guilty of this). Without Clady, Manning is gonna get hurt and his career is gonna be over. Without Clady, we will have to completely abandon the run, and what little we do run, we'll be grossly ineffective. Without Clady, our Offensive Line is in complete shambles and Manning won't even have the 1.74 seconds he normally takes to make a pass. The Broncos are screwed. They'll be lucky to average 24 points from here on out. Without Clady, you'll see a ton of 3 and outs and our defense is gonna get tired and start slipping.... It's all smoke and mirrors that Manning didn't get hurt and that he threw for 3TDs, thus breaking Tom Brady's record to start the season. It's inconsequential that our RBs had their best night ever with their collective 5.2 yards per carry, and scoring? Meh, scoring is overrated (just ask the Eagles). Scoring 37 points is practically the same as scoring 12 points against Carolina (right Seattle?). It's an aberation that the sky didn't fall on the Broncos with Clady out. Just you watch and see!

Seattle still boasts the most unstoppable team the NFL has ever seen! Move over 1985 Chicago Bears, there's a new level of excellence being played, and it's being played by the Seattle Seahawks, led by Russell Wilson. It takes an other-worldly effort to limit Carolina to 7 points and Jacksonville to 17 points. These things just don't happen on a regular basis. There must be some magic going on inside of that locker room. When was the last time that Jacksonville was held to a mere 17 points? Wait... when was the last time Jacksonville actually scored 17 points would be a better question! I thought this Seattle defense was one for the ages? A defense for the ages doesn't allow Chad Henne, a QB who washed out of Miami and couldn't beat out the spectacular Blain Gabbert to lead his team to 2 touchdown drives! And at home Seattle? For shame!!!! It's a good thing that Russell Wilson has the best pump fake the world has ever seen, or you might be in danger of losing a game! I can't believe Jaws is gushing over a pump fake like Wilson invented it. Do you have no shame? Shouldn't you still be campaigning for Colin Kaepernick to be enshrined into the HOF while he's still playing? Or have you unhitched that wagon and moved on to Wilson? I guess all of that doesn't matter because quite a few still believe that the Seahawks are the best team in the NFL even though they boast wins against the mighty mighty Panters and hapless Jaguars. Way to rack up the quality wins Seattle, you truly are unstoppable against crap teams!

The Chiefs are STILL the team to beat in the AFC. They are the only team who a) is capable of, and b) actually did shut down the high flying, record breaking Eagles offense! As the master of hyperbol Skip Bayless said on his show, "In this year's AFC..... I don't see the juggernauts. Denver could turn into one, I'm still hanging with New England, Cincinnati, you buying them? Houston.... So do I give Kansas City a shot to get healthy and hot and WIN THE ENTIRE AFC? SURE I DO!!!" And you know what? So should everyone else. They beat the Jags by holding them scoreless with their true starting QB (something Seattle couldn't do with Jax rolling out their backup QB). They also slaughtered the Cowboys by 1 point, and then grounded the record setting Eagles. If destroying these teams doesn't make you front runners to win the super bowl, then I just don't know what does! Scoring 28, 17, and 26 points (avg 23.6) is unheralded and by far the best scoring offense in the league. Denver averages 42 points per game and beat the reigning champs and the champs before them? Bah, who cares! It's that magical number of 23.6 points per game that's money, not 42! 42 points per game is for suckers! Real teams can win while scoring only 23.6 points! Seattle better look out, cause the Chiefs will bring Captain Checkdown to New York in February, and even though Seattle is an irresistible force, playing away from home is an immovable object for them. New York isn't Seattle, they'll get flagged for 12 men on the field if their fans try their cheering shenanigans! My prediction is Seattle 198, Kansas City 199, all special teams scores because while both offenses are out of this world, so are both defenses! That leaves only special teams to make up the difference. Last I checked, Pump Fakes weren't very effective when performed by the return men!

The San Francisco 49ers are back baby!!! They have a HOF QB and one of the best defenses. That game in Seattle was the exception, not the rule. So they lost in Seattle, who doesn't? After all, they do have Wilson's pump fake to account for! But all is right in San Fran because they have Aldon Smith and Colin Kaepernick. They'll put up 30 against Indy easily! Besides, the 49ers coaching staff and front office are nothing but class. If they ever had a superstar player get in major trouble, they'll get him help ASAP. If a player like Aldon Smith hypothetically had a major drug and alcohol problem, the 9ers wouldn't bat an eye about getting him help even if it means missing games against good crappy teams like the Rams, Cards, Titans, and Jaguars. Way to go San Francisco. Way to be classy by having Smith out there against a good team, but sit him out and get him help when you know that you have 5 games coming up where you should go 4-1 without him. They are as sincere about getting Smith help even at the expense of him missing tough games as I was when I told that cop that I was unaware that the speed limit was 55 mph!

The New York football Giants' season is OVAH! Stick a fork in them, they are DONE! If history shows us anything, it's that only 3% of teams that have started 0-3 have ever made the playoffs. So hey, they should just pack it in and go for a high draft slot to get Clowney! I mean, we've never seen the Giants start off slow only to catch fire and, oh, I don't know, WIN THE SUPER BOWL TWICE!!!

If you don't take your opponent seriously, you're gonna get OWNED!!!! Look no further than our very own Denver Broncos as the latest proof to this point. On Monday Night Football, the trio of running backs (Moreno, Ball, Hillman) were overlooking their opponents so badly that they had career bad games played rock, paper, scissors to determine who would score a gimme touchdown! Well, did it work? Did this gross example of overlooking your opponent cause them to falter? Hardly! C'mon guys, this isn't the Chiefs or Seahawks they were playing. This was the Raiders. Of course Hillman won and scored the touchdown.

And lastly, how about that Seahawks secondary? They are world beaters. They are the only team in the NFL that has more interceptions than touchdowns allowed. Is this a meaningless stat that is dug up to make the Seahawks look better than they really are? HARDLY. That dominance came at the hands of Cam Newton, Colin "My teammates wish they still had Alex Smith" Kaepernick, and Chad "I couldn't even beat out Gabbert" Henne. That's a "who's who" list of elite QBs that has wrecked havock on all defenses they've played up until the point they played Seattle. My goodness, I haven't seen a defense play this good, against such elite opponents, since maybe a team that shut down Joe "My contract is so huge that they had to cut all the good players to afford me" Flacco, and Eli "the other" Manning. Cause lets face it, Henne and Cam and Colin "I throw for 100 yards like strippers hit Jacoby Jones with bottles" Kaepernick are infinitely better than Flacco and Manning, and it isn't even close! Keep getting it done Seattle! You are the best of the best of the best (against crap QBs on crap teams).