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MHR Radio Podcast 2.9 | More for the Record Books


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Your Wednesday sure thing, the MHR Radio Podcast is here!

It's a beautiful day to kick back and be 3-0, but what is there to do when there is no news? MHR Radio Podcast of course, where there is always news, debate, interviews and insight.

Kyle went all out and drew connections between the Denver Broncos and your favorite characters from Breaking Bad and we sprinkled them throughout the entire episode. Kyle will share a full list later this week, but catch the best of them here on the podcast:

Topics covered today in the MHR Radio Podcast are:

  • Injury updates on Duke Ihenacho and Tony Carter.
  • Champ Bailey's return.
  • CJ Anderson's place on the team.
  • Broncos vs. Raiders recap.
  • Peyton Manning and the Denver offensive records.
  • Is the Broncos run defense a myth?
  • Robert Ayers sack total and projection.
  • Eric Decker's contract year.
  • Tom Nalen being inducted to the Ring of Fame (and Nalen Week here at MHR).
  • The Philadelphia Eagles preview.
  • And of course, we discuss the second to last episode of one of the greatest shows, Breaking Bad.

We love your feedback! Let us know what you think in the comments, and stay tuned next week