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Denver Broncos Power Rankings Around the Web for Week 4

ESPN still has the Broncos as #2... where do they fit around the web and in your (totally objective) power rankings?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Our weekly look around the web for how the Broncos rank in NFL Power Rankings. Previous ranking in parenthesis.

SB Nation - 1 (1)

It's just automatic for the Broncos right now. Football cyborg Peyton Manning is on pace for the best season of his career. Is he really going to finish the year with 64 touchdowns and 60,000 yards? No. Then you look at Denver's schedule and you wonder.

Mile High Report - 1 (1)

Ladies and Gentlemen. The best team in the football.

ESPN - 2 (2)

Four Broncos have at least 190 receiving yards through three games. The Packers are the only other team with even three of those receivers. How do you stop that?

CBS Sports - Pete Prisco - 1 (1)

Hard to believe it, but Peyton Manning is getting better. He has 12 touchdown passes in three games. Good luck stopping this offense.

CBS Sports - Pat Kirwan - 1 (1)

The Broncos have matchup issues all over this offense and Peyton Manning may lead this team to more points than any team he has ever quarterbacked.

Associated Press - 1 (1)

(8 first place votes). The AP Pro32 is determined by a simple points system based on how each voter ranks the NFL's 32 teams. A team receives 32 points for each first place vote, 31 for second place and so on through to the 32nd team, which receives one point.

FOX Sports - 1 (1)

Peyton Manning will tell you that the Broncos offense still has plenty of things to work on, but I can tell you that most teams don't even look this sharp in 7-on-7 drills during practice. - 2 (2)

You might've heard that Tom Brady called some of his old receivers to come back and play for the New England Patriots. Well, the word in Denver is that Mark Jackson, Ricky Nattiel, Mike Pritchard and some other guys have dialed up Peyton Manning to see if they can dust off their cleats and get in on this Broncos offense. Geez, 37 more points Monday night.

Walter Football - 2 (3)

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Average Ranking: 1.33

Average Change: +0.11

Where do you have the Broncos ranked?