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Five Big Bold Predictions for Broncos - Eagles

This is my new weekly article about the Bold Predictions for the upcoming Broncos game!

Free Von Indeed!
Free Von Indeed!
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Lock the doors and hide the children, Pete is about to send you down his rabbit hole and give you 5 Bold Predictions that I think will actually happen. This will NOT be a stats Mecca, nor will it be a fantasy predictor. Instead, this will be 5 things that I think will happen that most people probably don't think will happen such as.....

#1 The Broncos will have a 100 yard running back this week. Who will it be? It'll be CJ F'ING ANDERSON BABY Ronnie Hillman, that's who! I never actively root against Broncos players, but I tend to root against Hillman. I don't like his name, I don't like his face, I don't like.... screw it, just watch that clip (NSFW cause of an F bomb at the 24 second mark). But this week, I think Hillman gets to 100. I don't think Moreno will because he's too slow and I don't think Montee will because he won't get the opportunities. This is Ronnie's game to get it done (unfortunately). Look for at least 1 or maybe 2 long runs. I'm talking possibly a 40+ yard run. That's how he's getting to the century mark.

#2 The Eagles will not have a 100 yard back. I know, I know, LeSean McCoy averages about 752.8 yards and 14 TDs per game, but not this game! I can see it now, McCoy left for 1 yard, McCoy right for 2 yards, McCoy up the middle for -1... Rinse and repeat. McCoy sucks, the Eagles suck, and Philly sucks (ok ok ok, McCoy doesn't suck). All I know is that the Broncos have the #1 rushing defense, and that isn't about to change. Not with the offense the Broncos will bring. If the Eagles think they can try to establish a running game while we're running up a 35-3 lead, they are sorely mistaken!

#3 The Eagles will "only" score 24 points. This is my stone cold lock of the week! Why 24? Why not 23 or 25? Look no further than The Skipper Dude and his amazing comment,

"Here’s a little more fuel for the fire:

Week 1: Eagles scored 33 on the Redskins
Redskins defense PPG against in 2013: 32.7

Week 2: Eagles scored 30 on the Chargers
Chargers’ defense PPG against in 2013: 27

Week 3: Eagles scored 16 against the Chiefs
Chiefs’ defense PPG against in 2013 (vs actual NFL teams): 16

Broncos are giving up about 24 points a game. I’m figuring the Eagles to score somewhere around 24 this Sunday. "

BOOM, there you have it! Those are the type of stats and trends that I love. So my prediction for the game? 42-24 Broncos!!! Big thanks to The Skipper Dude even though he has no idea I'm using his comment until he reads this article.

#4 Big Bad Brock will see game action. No, not because Chris Clark sucks and Peyton Manning gets killed, it's because John Fox will feel so terrible about being up by 30 points that he calls off the dogs and puts Brock in to help the Eagles not get blown out quite so badly. While on one hand this move will infuriate me because we should never take our foot off the gas, the other hand will quickly remind me that we don't need the unspeakable to happen in garbage time, so resting starters is probably the smart move.

#5 Peyton Manning will throw for 450-500 yards. Why? Because I urge you all to troll this page, but on top of that, the commenter that goes by the name BAKAW said one of the funniest things I've read, "We have Dangers, not Safeties"... hahahaha He got that right, and he's an Eagles fan! haha. But yes, that is why Manning will have another historic game. The Eagles defense is epically bad and Peyton will have a field day against them.

Bonus Prediction because I honestly think the semi-unspeakable will happen this week.... Peyton Manning will throw his first pick this week. I know, I know, but I'm telling you, I just got that gut feeling that his pick will come against a bad defense, and this is almost as bad of a defense as it gets. Sorry Broncos Faithful, but this is the week that we all die a little inside as we see him be less than perfect.

In case you missed it in my #3 Prediction, I predict the final score of this game to be 24-42 Broncos! What are your Big Bold Predictions for Week 4?