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MHR Features: Introducing New Stat Pages

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The staffers at Mile High Report are doing our best to add new features and content to the site to make it your one stop shop for all things Broncos but we also want to do our best to provide you with tools and info that you can use. Today we wanted to introduce four data tables for you to use, two about the running backs and two about the defensive line and they come from MHR's researcher Topher:

Running Backs:
- Running back carry tracker where we have recorded the length of each of the Broncos backs run by length.
- The running backs carries are sorted by length and then broken down as a percentage of the players total runs.

Defensive Line:
Defensive line pressures where we list pass rushing snaps along with sacks, hits, pressures and holds against.
- The next table we look at these pressures in context of the league as well as looking at how often a player gets pressure out of their total pas rushing snaps.

We'll hopefully be adding more as time goes on and we'll be updating these weekly so make sure to keep checking back in if you want to see how things have changed week to week. As we add new content we'll post it so you can keep up to date. These aren't articles, not even a comments section, more than anything they are tools you are free to use if you want.

If you want to find this we made these easy to access. At the top of the page are a series of pull down menus, ranging from Home to About. Under Library will be all of these tables.