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Broncos defeat Eagles 52-20: Instant Reactions

Holy beat ass Batman! So much for the high flying Eagles!!!!

Dustin Bradford

I know that you didn't want to give Peyton Manning any time on offense Eagles, but allowing Trindon Holliday to return a kickoff 105 yards for a TD and a 14-3 lead wasn't what you had in mind. Too bad, so sad, that was as close as the game ever got for your sad sack of a team!

Peyton Freaking Manning!!!! He didn't get the 450 I thought he'd get, but then again, he wasn't given a legit chance as he was replaced after the 1st drive of the fourth quarter. But 327 yards and 4 TD's later, Manning definitely put his stamp on this game. The Broncos offense couldn't be slowed down, let alone stopped, and the defense did just enough to keep the game completely out of reach from the Eagles.

Steven Freaking Johnson (the cat from KU that I've been loving for 2 years now) blocked a punt and took it to the house! I LOVE Johnson, and I'm really happy that he got to shine in the national game tonight! This guy is all hustle, and it's just a matter of time until his role starts increasing. Great great job on special teams tonight, which leads me into....

Trindon Freaking Holliday!!! My my my, what a STUD you are! Nothing sparks a team quite like a great special team's play, and you my man, provided just that spark. It was 7-3 before the Eagles were enough to kick it to you. 105 yards and 7 points later, the Broncos were up 14-3 and the rout was on. The only bad part about your return for a TD is that some dumb national media person will surely use that score as a positive for the Eagles offense (meaning that it gave the Eagles essentially a "free" drive to rack up offensive plays and make their offense look better than it really is).

And while I'm on the topic of amazing offenses, let me mention the Broncos offense! 2 TD's by Welker and Thomas. you guys are studs thru and thru. Decker could have had an 80 yard score, but Peyton threw about 1/2 yard too far for him. Had this been last year while his arm was still gaining strength, that would have landed beautifully into Decker's hands. Thankfully, that non-play had little to do with the final outcome except that it possibly kept us from scoring 60 on the NFL trend setters sad sack Eagles!

Our Defense has kept teams to an average of 11 points in non "garbage time" (i.e. less than 3 scores), and today, they didn't disappoint. They held the Eagles in check until the game was well out of hand in which they let their backups score against our backups. After 3 quarters, it looked like pre-season out there. it was a glorified backup super bowl, which again, leads me to this point.....

We saw Brock Osweiller (as I predicted). When I predicted that we'd see the Big O, I didn't know it would come after the 1st drive of the fourth quarter. Either way, Brock looked good out there, and Montee Ball looked good out there, but he was hardly the stud RB of the day...

HELLO KNOWSHON!!!! My man, you are making me think that last year wasn't a fluke! You averaged 6.5 yards per carry and scored a TD. You are the real deal it seems. I'd be very comfortable to re-signing you to a contract and trading Hillman or anyone else for a bag of peanuts (assuming you can stay healthy). You have developed patience when running, and you aren't allowing any moment to be too big for you. You sir, get my game ball!

That's it for tonight. This was an amazing victory for the good guys. if anybody has Seattle #1 in their power rankings after this week, they need to be fired! GO BRONCOS!!!!