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Elvis Dumervil: "I was the one getting fired"

"I get it," Dumervil said. "But I was the guy who got fired. And I responded." per the Denver Post

Justin Edmonds

Months ago when the fax machine fiasco played out, many Bronco fans were understandably angry at the situation. There were a lot of unknowns. It was assumed the Broncos wanted to slash Doom's contract in half. That wasn't the case. Still, a pay cut from 14 million to 8 million is a hefty chunk and more importantly for a player who had played here his whole career, a slap in the face no matter how you present it.

Dumervil's decision to move on was right. Elway's decision to restructure was also right.

The market for pass rushers this pass off season was much less than the 14 million Dumervil's contract was scheduled to pay him. There was absolutely no way Elway should have paid Doom that kind of money. In hindsight with the loss of Von Miller out of the lineup, Doom will be missed.

I don't believe for one instant that Dumervil had it in good faith to rejoin the Broncos. I believe 100% that the little "oopsy" he and his agent pulled with the league imposed deadline was completely staged and intentional. In the end both parties got what they wanted. Dumervil found the semblance of respect he needed in Baltimore--even if it was just a few hundred thousand more. Elway and the Broncos got rid of a bloated contract that will be completely off the books at seasons end.

No matter how you hash it out or discuss what happened, the sore feelings that exist on both sides are likely to come to an emotional head on Thursday.

I understand Dumervil completely. If my employer had come to me seeking to cut my salary I'd feel pretty lousy about working there. Where ever I went afterwards I would be looking to stick it to my old boss in whichever way I could. I understand Elway completely. Had I been grossly overpaying for someone who's effectiveness was inconsistent, I would be looking to offer that employ a deal more in line with what he deserved.

There's an old line from a western "Deservin' has nothing to do with it."

Business is business.

I respect Doom for his time spent in orange and blue. As of right now he's the enemy. You better believe I'll boo his ass every chance I get. "Business is never personal?" Sure it is, Elvis left the building.