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Mile High Report Contest and Giveaway Rules and Guidelines

Refer to these rules for any future giveaways on the site or any of our social media pages.

You could win an opThomas Prime tee, like TheMadFanatic is seen wearing here!
You could win an opThomas Prime tee, like TheMadFanatic is seen wearing here!

We love you guys. A lot.

To show our appreciation, we're going to be doing some giveaways on our Facebook page this season. But we can't give stuff away without first setting some ground rules.

  • First of all, know that your personal information will never be published, sold, or given to third parties. Additionally, we may change these rules at any time and reserve the right to do so without notice to contest participants.
  • All winners will be randomly selected unless otherwise specified in the contest details.
  • You must live in the continental United States and be 18 years or older to enter a contest. (We cannot make any exceptions because shipping becomes too expensive.)
  • If you are selected as the winner but we are unable to contact you, we will select another winner. (We'll send you a tweet, message, or email, depending on where the contest is held.)
  • Only one entry per person. Do not enter through multiple accounts or you will be removed from the contest.
  • If a contest is comment based, stay courteous and be mature, and follow MHR's community guidelines. If the contest is not comment based, commenting will not increase your chances of winning. (For example, if we say, "LIKE for a chance to win" on Facebook, commenting would not improve your chances of winning.)

Good luck, folks!