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MHR's NFL Week One Picks

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Here are my picks (in bold) for Week One.

Thursday, September 05th 8:30 PM ET
Ravens at Broncos
I think that fans in Denver would like to dub this a revenge game, but in some ways it's more than that and in some ways it isn't about revenge at all.

Sunday, September 08th 1:00 PM ET

Patriots at Bills
Buffalo still isn't entirely sure themselves in their quarterback, it wouldn't matter anyway.

Titans at Steelers
Questionable situation at running back for Pittsburgh, but Tennessee won't get it done.

Falcons at Saints
New Orleans could prove me wrong on this one, but Atlanta looks even better now with Steven Jackson.

Buccaneers at Jets
More quarterback issues, would New York have not been better off keeping Tim Tebow?

Chiefs at Jaguars
Kansas City had 11 Pro Bowlers last year, this year they finally got a coach too.

Seahawks at Panthers
I know people love Seattle, I don't see it just yet, but they can definitely beat Carolina.

Bengals at Bears
Cincinnati looks strong and Chicago has to prove that they are more than just Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall.

Dolphins at Browns
Cleveland's defense has been quietly good for a year now, then you get Norv Turner to focus on just offense? Cleveland will be better than most think.

Vikings at Lions
Someone has to win this one... I think that it is Detroit this time.

Raiders at Colts
How many games will Oakland win this year? Two? Three? Maybe zero...

4:25 PM ET
Packers at 49ers
Green Bay dumped Vince Young after he prepared them for this game on the scout team. Cold, even for Green Bay.

Cardinals at Rams
St. Louis's defense tied with Denver's last season for the best in the NFL, well the Rams only got better on defense this offseason. Carson Palmer does look happy in Arizona, so I won't expect them to be as bad as they have been.

8:30 PM ET
Giants at Cowboys
Dallas is perennially just good enough, this season is no different. Giants haven't overlooked the Cowboys on their way to Week Two though.

Monday, September 09th 7:10 PM ET
Eagles at Redskins
Mike Shanahan and RG III vs. Chip Kelly and Mike Vick, this game will be fun. Wisdom over age.

10:20 PM ET
Texans at Chargers
Welcome to the NFL Mike McCoy, games aren't going to be as easy this season without Peyton Manning as your quarterback.

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