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Broncos Gameday: An MHR User's guide to kicking ass in this Broncos community

Help us prove Albert Einstein was right.

Spencer Larsen (file photo)
Spencer Larsen (file photo)
Justin Edmonds

In 1954, Albert Einstein famously hypothesized that one's awesomeness was directly proportional to the amount of comments he or she left in game threads on

Unfortunately, Einstein passed away the next year before he could prove this theory. But I have seen strong correlational evidence to support his claim. Chatting with Broncos fans during the game is awesome.

And we want you to get in on the experience.

There are only two things you need to know to improve your MHR gameday experience. And it's as easy as A to Z.

'A' is for Access

Sign up.

Log in.

Request approval at Mile High Report 24 hours in advance.

You need access in order to comment on Mile High Report. What's access? An SB Nation account , and in order to gain access, you have to apply for approval at least 24 hours in advance! Do this by browsing to the comments section of any post on Mile High Report once you are logged in. 24 hours after your request, you will be automatically approved.

Why the delay? This time period is a very effective way for us to fight off spammers and trolls.

That's also why I'm publishing this post now, over 24 hours before kickoff tomorrow at 6:40 p.m. MDT. If you are a long-time reader, want-to-be-first-time commenter, go sign up now. Join the conversation tomorrow. Get engaged. Be more awesome.

'Z' is for... well, the Z button on your keyboard

That's right. Tomorrow, there will be a handful of open threads. There will be a pre-game open thread. There could be an open thread for each half or each quarter (we start a new one once we hit 600 or so comments).

These open threads or game threads are like fast-moving chat rooms, except better. You can reply to people. You can see multiple conversations happening in real time.

And keeping track is as easy as hitting your 'Z' button.

The 'Z' button is a shortcut key that moves your browser to your next unread comment within that game thread, chronologically. It is truly an awesome feature across all SB Nation sites. You can leave a comment replying to someone about Derek Wolfe's awesome sack on Joe Flacco, then press the Z key. You will be transported to another conversation talking about the Montee Ball touchdown ten minutes ago, where someone just left a new comment. You correct them. Then you press Z again. Someone replied to your earlier comment about Wolfe and you're taken straight back there. Yes indeed, Derek Wolfe was a one-man Wolfe pack on that play.

You smile, knowing that you, and the other commenter, just got more awesome. And you think of Einstein.

What not to do

All comments must follow the MHR Community Guidelines, or they will be blocked and you could be banned. Act like you would with a bunch of friends at a family-friendly Broncos bar. That is what Mile High Report is.

That means:

  • Be respectful
  • Keep language appropriate - no F-Bombs
  • No insulting other commenters
  • Stay on topic (no trolling)
  • For legal reasons, no posting links to illegal NFL streams in the comments

Please join us in the game threads this NFL season

And help us prove Einstein's Theory of Awesometivity once and for all.

Go Broncos!