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Denver Broncos 2013 Season Predictions

MHR Staffers predict the Broncos' record and playoff results for the 2013 NFL season.

Bronco Mike

16-4 final record, first in the AFC west, playoff bye. Super Bowl Champion Super bowl or bust. That is the motto for the year. As long as the Broncos make the tournament, that is our path and destiny. We've already faced a season's worth of adversity in the offseason. This team is battle tested and knows what it is to be sent home in January. There will be bumps along the way, but the character and leadership that exists on both sides of the ball will carry them through adversity. Our time is now. Peyton Manning 5th MVP, Super bowl MVP

Scotty Payne

13-3 Season record, First In the AFC, And winner of the AFC West for the third year in a row.

Super Bowl champs for the Broncos.

Their first playoff game will be a rematch against the Baltimore Ravens. The Broncos remember the heart break from a year ago, and make sure they do not repeat that heartbreak. Then the Houston Texans come to town fighting for a shot into the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for them this year is not their year. The Broncos face the 49ers in the Super Bowl, and are down 4 with 2 minutes left in the game. Peyton Manning leads a Super Bowl winning drive. He wins the Super Bowl MVP, and we'll be stoked.

Mr. East

11-5, first in the AFC West, #4 seed in the AFC
Super Bowl Champion
This is going to be a trying year for Bronco fans. The hype around this Denver team hasn't been this high since 1997. If it wasn't for an ugly offseason the Broncos would easily roll through this schedule. However, Von Miller's suspension and lingering injuries have put a wrench in the Super Bowl plans of these Broncos. Nothing comes easy in the NFL, especially not a Super Bowl. This year will be tough to watch at times, the Broncos will endure some tough losses. As the season goes on the Broncos will get healthier, less suspended, and savvier as a team. All of this will allow them to get hot at the right time, the playoffs.

Big Pete

The Broncos will ultimately end this season with a 16-3 Final Record (13-3 Regular Season), secure a 1st round playoff bye, and win the Super Bowl after beating the San Francisco 49ers 55-10! Ok ok ok, 55-33.

Much like in 1997, 2013 is a playoff redemption tour! We (Broncos and fans) felt robbed back then, and we felt robbed last year too. It is widely known that most players said that the Jacksonville playoff loss is what caused us to win the Super Bowl the following year. Many players said that without that loss, they don't have the same drive and determination, and chip on their shoulders to get it done in 1997. They said that that loss really galvanized them as a team and brought them together. I have no doubts that the stunning loss to the Ravens last year will have the same exact results and ultimately, the same outcome; Super Bowl Champions!!!Are you ready Broncos fans? The time is now! Get behind this team and put all your efforts into being the ultimate fan because the train is about to leave the station. Get on it early, because it isn't slowing down for anyone to jump on late.

Brian Shrout

I'm expecting a repeat of history. In 1996, Denver finished 13-3-0 and held the #1 seed in the AFC. They were upset in the divisional round by Jacksonville. In 1997, they finished 12-4-0, one game behind Kansas City. They defeated Jacksonville in the wild cardround, Kansas Cityin the divisional round and Pittsburgh in the AFC championship game. They then defeated Green Bayin the Super Bowl.
In 2012, Denver finished 13-3-0 with the #1 seed in the AFC. They lost to Baltimore in the divisional round.
In 2013, Denver will finish 12-4-0, one game behind the Chiefs -- thanks to Andy Reid getting his team to overachieve during the regular season. Denver will destroy Baltimore in the wild card round, down the Chiefs in the divisional round, defeat the Patriots for the AFC championship. They will go on to beat San Francisco in the Super Bowl.

Jon Heath

12-4 regular season record, AFC West champions, third seed in AFC.

Super Bowl defeat.

It won't be hard for the Denver Broncos to make another splash during the regular this fall, as they are currently viewed as one of the favorites in their conference. But over in the NFC, things are more competitive. The Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, and Atlanta Falcons are all poised to be dangerous while the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins could also surprise. It will be seemingly easy for Denver to get to the Super Bowl, but coming away with the Lombardi Trophy is a completely different matter.

Christopher Hart

Denver Broncos 2013 Record: 11-5 -- 3rd Seed -- AFC West Champions

Denver Broncos 2013 Finish:
Super Bowl Champions (38-31) over the Atlanta Falcons.

The expectations for the Denver Broncos and their fan base are have hit fever pitch and the journey to the Lombardi starts this Thursday in a grudge match against the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. It is imperative the Broncos make a statement out the gate and redeem themselves with a strong victory. This could be one of the most talented rosters in franchise history. Offensive performance will register in the record books. Von will have his vengeance.

The wait is over. The time is now.

Tim Lynch

Denver Broncos 2013 Record: 12-4 -- 3rd Seed

Denver Broncos 2013 Finish: Super Bowl Champions

I was thinking about knocking the Denver Broncos back a bit in the record department due to Von Miller's suspension, but then I realized we have Peyton Manning and his AVERAGE of 13 regular season wins over the course of his 15 year career. 12-4 would be a down year for him, so we'll go with that! The thing that excites me the most about this team is the trio of Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Wes Welker. I cannot think of a more impressive wide receiver trio in NFL history and if there was, then I would be willing to bet there wasn't a better quarterback for that trio than Peyton freaking Manning.

Anything less than a Super Bowl championship would be a disappointment for this team. Period.

Jess Place

Denver Broncos 2013 Record: 12-3-1 (Losses: Ravens, at Houston, at Oakland; Tie: at Giants) (3rd Seed)
Broncos 2013 Finish: Super Bowl Champions

The season begins roughly with a stinging loss (again) to the Baltimore Ravens. With the reality of just how hard it's going to be to make it to the Super Bowl hitting home with a tie the Manning bowl, the Broncos come together and dominate until they travel to Houston. Once again Kubiak and the Texan's one eared QB come out on top in a close one. With the first round bye out of reach of the Broncos, they sit their starters in the season finale at Oakland, thus screwing up their chances at the number one pick in the 2014 draft (which they probably would have already traded away... most likely for year-round water park passes the Davis, McKenzie, and Allen families).
I'm most looking forward to the playoffs. Manning and crew will be laser focused on not stumbling this time and will absolutely destroy all comers.

The Super Bowl will be known as the "John Elway Revenge Tour." The San Francisco 49ers and the Broncos will square off in their second Super Bowl together, only this time it will be the Broncos who blow out the 49ers, avenging the embarrassing defeat all those many years ago. It will be bloody and it will be swift, and it'll be freakin' amazing.
Go Broncos!