Unfinished Business: Brother versus Brother

Ronald Martinez

Hello folks! Mdierk back again after enjoying the absolute demolition of the defending super bowl frauds. I had written a fanpost in July calling this season "Unfinished Business". Now we focus on our next opponent, the New York Giants, led by Peyton's brother, Eli. This will also be the first time that Denver will play in Met Life Stadium (also the site of this season's Super Bowl). I'm sure that both you and I look forward to Denver making the second trip to New York in February.

This will be the third time that Eli has played the Broncos in his career. His record against Denver is 1-1. He enjoyed a 24-23 win against us at the old Meadowlands in 2005 and then in 2009 lost 26-6 in Denver.

I took some interest in watching the Cowboys/Giants game on Sunday night and took some notes on how to beat Eli and crew. One thing for sure the Broncos will have to find ways to get to Eli much better than they did against Joe Flacco last Thursday. One thing that Eli can do like Peyton is pick defenses apart when not having pressure applied to them. New York has a much better receiving group with most all of the attention on Victor Cruz. I could see either Champ or DRC covering him most of the day. After Sunday night's game, they will have to keep a tight seal on Cruz. The less I see of his dance next Sunday, the better.

This game is easily seen as "Brother vs. Brother". The Mannings are two of the best QBs in the league and I'm sure that both will be in the hall at some point. After watching much of the game, the most glaring issue that the Giants had was six turnovers. It doesn't matter who you are or what level you play, you will never win when you give up the ball like that. Even with that, they only lost 36-31. Denver will have to be on their "A" game and can't afford the turnovers like they gave up against the Ravens because Eli and company will take advantage. It does look like another game that our Broncos will have to get the lead and stay on the gas to get the win. I am confident that the offense can get the job done and with the extra three days of rest, it gives them an idea of what to expect. Better get going and I will have another edition next week. GO BRONCOS!

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