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1/1/14 Horse Tracks: Happy New Year, Broncos Country!

Happy New Year, Broncos fans! Here's wishing you a brilliant 2014 from all of us at MHR!

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Peyton Manning 55 - Part 1

Bronco Mike analyzes each TD pass Peyton Manning threw in 2013. First on the docket are TD passes 1-11

<p><a target="_blank" href=""><b>CBS Denver: Broncos Hope To Avoid Deja Vu In Playoffs</b></a></p>

<p><span>Finally, the Denver Broncos can get ready for some meaningful football. </span><span>Oh, sure, the 13 wins and all those records Peyton Manning set will count, but the regular season was simply a warm-up act for a team with the Super Bowl on its radar.</span></p>

<p><a target="_blank" href=""><b>ESPN: Power Rankings: No. 2 Denver Broncos</b></a></p>

<p><span>Seventeen weeks, 606 points, 55 passing touchdowns from their quarterback and plenty of drama later, the Broncos closed out the regular season at 13-3 and as the AFC's No. 1 seed heading into the playoffs. </span></p>

<p><a target="_blank" href=""><b>BroncoPlanet: Denver Broncos 2013 Offense</b></a></p>

<p><span>The Denver Broncos finished the 2013 regular season with a 34-14 stomping of the Oakland Raiders to bring their record to 13-3, clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs and establish some new NFL records in the process.</span></p>

<p><a target="_blank" href=""><b>Cover 32: Broncos' New Year's Resolutions</b></a></p>

<p><span>As the world brings in a new year, the NFL brings in a new season, the post-season; the only season that counts for the Broncos. So as the world decides what they are going to do better in 2014, what better time to do the same for the Broncos. <!--<p>&nbsp;</p><p><a target="_blank" href="" mce_href=""><b> Video: Do the Denver Broncos have the best offense, ever?</b></a></p>

<p><span>After breaking numerous offensive records, Jeff Garcia and Terrell Davis debate if the Denver Broncos have the best offense in the history of the NFL.</span></p>

<p><a target="_blank" href="" mce_href=""><b>All the records Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos broke in 2013</b></a></p>

<p><span>It was a record-breaking year for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in 2013.</span></p>

<p><a target="_blank" href="" mce_href=""><b>Peyton Manning and the Four Horsemen: Regular Season Report</b></a></p>

<p><span>16 regular season NFL games have been played. Here is a final account of what Manning and his Four Horsemen accomplished.</span></p>

<p><a target="_blank" href="" mce_href=""><b>Could the NFL take Peyton Manning&rsquo;s single season yardage record away?</b></a></p>

<p>Every week, the Elias Sports Bureau takes a look at every NFL game and alters all kinds of stats. Well, as discussed in the FanShots yesterday, there's a chance that when they review the Broncos 34-14 win over the Oakland Raiders, that they may alter the stats where Manning's single season passing yard record may be in danger.</p>

<p><a target="_blank" href="" mce_href=""><b>Peyton Manning's passing record stands; NFL will not overturn</b></a></p>

<p><span>The league and its statistician agency, the Elias Sports Bureau, reviewed a 7-yard completion from Manning to Eric Decker during the first quarter of the Broncos' 34-14 victory Sunday at Oakland and decided Tuesday evening that replays were not conclusive enough to overturn.</span></p>

<p><a href="" mce_href="" target="_blank"><b>Five Players Signed to Future Contracts</b></a></p>

<p><span>On Tuesday, the Broncos signed five players to future contracts. They will not officially join the roster until the start of the new league year in March.</span></p>

<center><blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en">

<p><a target="_blank" href="" mce_href=""><b>Upon Further Review: Broncos at Raiders</b></a></p>

<p><span>Independent analyst Andrew Mason breaks down Peyton Manning's record-setting performance in the Broncos' 34-14 win over the Raiders in the regular-season finale.</span></p>

<p><a href=";src=hash" mce_href=";src=hash">#Broncos</a> signed five players to future contracts today. Three of them are on Twitter: <a href="" mce_href="">@i_Serve24</a>, <a href="" mce_href="">@jordaNorwood</a>, and <a href="" mce_href="">@Rmiller73</a>.</p>

&mdash; Jon Heath (@JonHeathNFL) <a href="" mce_href="">January 1, 2014</a></blockquote>

<mce:script src="//" mce_src="//" charset="utf-8"></mce:script> </center>

<p><a target="_blank" href="" mce_href=""><b>Upon Further Review: Broncos at Raiders</b></a></p>

<p><span>Independent analyst Andrew Mason breaks down Peyton Manning's record-setting performance in the Broncos' 34-14 win over the Raiders in the regular-season finale.</span></p>

<p><a target="_blank" href="" mce_href=""> </a></p>

<p><a target="_blank" href="" mce_href=""><b> Top 13 of '13: Videos</b></a></p>

<p><span>Relive the top moments of 2013 through the 13 most-viewed videos on</span></p>

<p><a target="_blank" href="" mce_href=""><b> op 13 of '13: Articles</b></a></p>

<p><span>Relive the top moments of 2013 through the 13 most-read articles on</span></p>

<p><a target="_blank" href="" mce_href=""><b>Broncos' Playoff Bye Week Schedule</b></a></p>

<p><span>Players will have Tuesday and Wednesday off to rest before returning to the practice field on Thursday.</span></p>

<p><a href="" mce_href="" target="_blank" style="background-color: #ffffff;" mce_style="background-color: #ffffff;"><b>PFS: Denver Broncos: Overcoming Obstacles</b></a></p>

<p><span>The 2013 Denver Broncos have had many obstacles in the way of their ultimate prize: Super Bowl XLVII. How have they weathered the storm?</span></p>

<p><a href="" mce_href="" target="_blank"><b>9NEWS: Broncos playoff tickets sell out in minutes</b></a></p>

<p><span>Tickets for the Denver Broncos first playoff game at Sports Authority at Mile High on Jan. 12 sold out in just minutes Tuesday morning.</span></p>

<p><a href="" mce_href="" target="_blank"><b>PO Year In Review: Top 13 Denver Broncos Stories in 2013</b></a></p>

<p><span>Here are PO&rsquo;s top 13 stories in 2013 as measured by the number of page views. Sit back, relax, and let&rsquo;s reflect on the year that was for the Denver Broncos.</span></p>

<p><a href="" mce_href="" target="_blank"><b>USA Today NFL Final Power Rankings</b></a></p>

<p>The Denver Broncos are the top team in USA Today's final power ranking of 2013.</p>

<p><b><a href="" mce_href="" target="_blank"> </a><a href="" mce_href="" target="_blank">Tim Tebow: 'I'm the best I've ever been as a quarterback'</a></b></p>

<p><span>While he is looking forward to being an analyst on the SEC Network, Tim Tebow reiterated Tuesday that his main goal is to play quarterback in the NFL.</span></p>

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<li><a href=";utm_medium=nextclicks&amp;utm_campaign=blogs">All the records Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos broke in 2013</a></li>

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