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Gameday Fire Up!

Get Pumped Up Broncos Fans! The ass whoopin is about to drop!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Man it's been a long week. We've had to put up with talk from the media about Rivers' 6-2 record in Denver, about how the Chargers came in here 4 weeks ago and beat us, and why they will beat us again.

But do you know what today is? Today is judgement day! Today is the day that all these media frauds have been dreading. Today is the day that the Broncos take their foots and shove them up the MSM's collective *HORN*

What was that Kurt Warner and Heath Evans? You say it's going to be windy? That's ok, cause we have this guy:

How are the Chargers going to stop a fired up Knowshon Moreno? How are they going to stop a fired up Montee Ball? How in the hell are they gonna stop a fired up Broncos team that had virtually nothing to play for the last time they met?

Do you know the only reason why the Chargers beat the Broncos last time they met? It's because the Chargers were fighting for their playoff lives and the Broncos had just clinched a first round bye. Human nature says that when you just clinch something huge, you have a lull in your intensity. And you know what? Even with our lull in intensity, the Broncos damn near whipped up on the Chargers!

How can I say that even though we lost? How about 3 twelve man penalties. How about us shooting ourselves in the foot with stupid penalty after stupid penalty? How about the fact that 78% of Philip Rivers' completions came against Kayvon Webster?

Guess what Rivers? We don't have Webster back there anymore! If you want to throw 78% of your passes towards one Mr. Champ Freaking Bailey, go right ahead! QBs can't make a living throwing at Champ! Where you gonna throw Philip? You can't challenge DRC. You can't throw at Chris Harris, cause that's a sure fire recipe for a pick six. Oh, and hey, the last time your gameplan involved challenging Champ, this is what happened:

Yes, it's time to get fired up! I wanna see Terrance Knighton and Sylvester Williams tear it up and turn Rivers inside out! I want them to put such a beat down on him that he's afraid to come out after halftime. Robert Ayers and Shaun Phillips are gonna stuf the running game like a Thanksgiving turkey! And our linebackers? Forgetaboutit! We have the best set of linebackers in the entire game!

Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker and Julius Thomas are going to abuse and humiliate the Chargers' defense so bad, it's going to look like a prison movie out there! Parents will have to cover their children's eyes in order to maintain their innocence! We're gonna need cleanup in cell bock D people!

Peyton Manning has had over a week to prepare and pick apart the Chargers defense. At this point in time, he knows it better than John Pagano does! Do they really think they can fool the cyborg that is Peyton Manning? Do they honestly think they can disguise something and keep from giving it away? Manning knows where you live and has seen where you sleep. There is no escaping him! Think you fooled him? Just wait until pre-snap when Peyton scans the field, and then stares you straight in the eyes and says:

At that moment, you know he has you, and guess what? There is nothing you can do about it!

The Broncos are about to put an epic beatdown on the Chargers. Our offense will run wild on them! Our defense will beat Rivers down so badly that he won't be able to have child number 9! Welcome back Wes, you're about to catch 2 TDs! Black & Decker are about to catch 2TDs each! Orange Julius is about to get fed as well. Same with Ball and Moreno.

56-13, that's what this game is about to become! Suck it Chargers! You lost this game the minute Peyton Manning woke up this morning. Windy? No worries! There is nothing that mother nature can throw this direction that will upend this team's ultimate goal: A Championship!

Finally, I have only one thing left to say to you and the Denver Broncos....

Win! WIN!!!