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Broncos safety Mike Adams won't compare Julian Edelman to Wes Welker

There's no comparison to make. Welker is light-years ahead of Edelman.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Honestly, sometimes the mainstream media is just too much.

New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman and Denver Broncos receiver Wes Welker are both short and white, but the similarities stop there. Despite this, some in the media continue to compare the two players.

When Broncos safety Mike Adams was asked to compare the two players, he shot down the idea.

"I can’t compare the two because Wes is— he’s something special," Adams said, via "He can jive up the ball and then speed out and have you off balance. Edelman, he doesn’t do that."

Not This Year

According to, Welker played in the slot on 84 percent of his snaps this season while Edelman played in the slot on just 49 percent of his offensive snaps. They play two different positions and though Edelman is coming off a big year, his overall production hasn't matched that of Welker's.

Over the past two seasons, Welker has caught 191 passes for 2,132 yards and 16 touchdowns. During that same time frame, Edelman caught 126 receptions for 1,291 yards and 9 touchdowns. Edelman has a long way to go to reach Wes Welker status, who is arguably the best slot receiver of all-time (Edelman is not even a full-time slot receiver).

"(Edelman is) a one-speed guy," Adams continued. "He doesn’t have the same ability or the quickness that Wes has in the slot. I guess that is the main difference between them. But I don’t know if they use him the same as they used Wes because they’re totally different players."

Adams is right. They are two different players—Wes Welker is Wes Welker and Julian Edelman is Julian Edelman.

I had never seen Welker run routes in person before covering training camp over the summer. I was blown away by not only Welker's route running but also his speed. Welker has game speed (route speed, really) that you can see on TV. Welker gave Chris Harris Jr. trouble in practice, and we all know that's quite an accomplishment.

Adams speaks the truth. Learn from his wisdom, MSM.