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Champ Bailey replaces Chris Harris Jr. on Broncos depth chart

But will Champ replace Harris on game day?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos' official site may have just answered the "Who is going to replace Chris Harris Jr.?" question.

It'll be the man Chris Harris Jr. replaced.

Champ Bailey is now listed as the top LCB on the team's depth chart, according to the Broncos' official site. This is far from a commitment from head coach John Fox, but it's worth noting at least.

And it is worth noting. After Harris left Sunday's AFC Divisional Playoff game with what would turn out to be a torn ACL, it was Quentin Jammer, not Champ, who took over Harris' position at outside corner. Champ remained as the slot corner, taking limited reps, and Jammer struggled mightily.

Had Jammer replaced Harris on the team's official depth chart, there'd be a fair amount of panic within Broncos Country right now. While I don't think this is a definite investment in Champ as a starter, some thought was put into this.

Other options to replace Harris outside include Tony Carter, Kayvon Webster, and the newly-signed Marquice Cole, though Bailey remains the most likely.

Despite this development, expect Coach Fox to keep any official pronouncement close to the vest. "We're going to know long before you guys will know," Fox said Monday, when asked about who would replace Harris. "It is really how they perform in practice and what we see on the practice field in preparation for New England."

Fox continued, "If I knew right now, I wouldn't say anyways."

H/T to our old friend Sayre Bedinger for pointing this out on Twitter.