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Video: Broncos QB Peyton Manning explains what "Omaha" means

Peyton answers the question as only he can.

All of us who have followed the Denver Broncos all season long have become used to hearing quarterback Peyton Manning say things like "Hurry! Hurry!" and "Omaha!" before a play. The rest of the country was exposed to it on Sunday afternoon when Denver faced the San Diego Chargers in a nationally televised playoff game in which Peyton took his pre-snap routine to a whole new level.

Peyton said "Omaha" over forty times on Sunday and many people noticed (cue the video edits). The City of Omaha even thanked Peyton for the many shout outs.

The word "Omaha" seems to communicate to the offensive line when the ball is going to be snapped (Peyton often says "go" and snaps the ball right after saying Omaha once). It can be changed up, though, and that's what makes it tricky for defenses.

Peyton was not going to give anything away when asked about the meaning of the word during his Wednesday press conference after practice. He answered the question as if it had been asked by Ron Burgundy himself.

For now the meaning of "Omaha" will remain mystery.


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