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MHR Radio Podcast 2.22 | AFC Championship Edition

What did the shoes say to the pants? 'What's up britches!?' Kyle is back on the show and this is a good one, possibly our best yet, check it out.

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Have you ever really loved a woman? I mean cue the Spanish guitar, that's how I love football. I love football, like some people love food, working out, reading or maybe their favorite beverage. What I really love about football is when the stars align perfectly and we get a game like the one that we have here this Sunday.

Sunday's game is a game that well be brought up twenty years from now, 'When Manning broke every quarterback record, then pulled Brady at home for the AFC Championship Game', This is 1980's Soviets versus USA at Lake Placid, Larry Bird versus Magic Johnson at Boston Garden, Michael Phelps in London... This is greatness versus greatness.

That is what we are here to talk about and that is what we will cover, we're going into every detail left about this game and about last week's game against the San Diego Chargers. We sincerely hope that you enjoy it.