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New England Patriots at Denver Broncos: Redemption For Tony Carter

Tony Carter has had his struggles this season, but now in the biggest game of his life he is being called on to perform at a high level.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cornerback Tony Carter isn't a favorite among most Bronco fans, but this weekend he has a chance to change all of that. Carter has sat the bench, and has been inactive for most of the season because of some early season struggles. Now with Chris Harris done for the year the Broncos will be calling on Carter once again.

"My confidence is always high, no matter if I'm playing or not playing," he said. "We'll be ready. It's a big game, so there's no time for thinking about what did and didn't happen." via The Denver Post

How the Broncos plan to defend Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots is still up in the air, but Carter more then likely will be called on. I believe the Broncos will shift veteran Champ Bailey outside on base downs, and move him inside on nickel packages. Here's where Carter may come into play. The Patriots have two smaller shiftier receivers in Danny Amendola, and Julian Edelman. Quentin Jammer, and rookie Kayvon Webster might not be the best matchups for them. Carter is smaller, and is probably the fastest DB the Broncos have. I believe he would be the best matchup on these guys.

Here's what coach Jack Del Rio had to say on the matter...

"We need everybody that's going to be up, corners, safeties that are involved and that get a uniform," Del Rio said. "We need him to help us win, help us play well. I wouldn't isolate on any one guy. I think we've got a number of guys that will be up and used in different combinations and the guys that play need to play well."

I agree, everyone in the secondary will need to step up their game if the Broncos want to advance to the Super Bowl. The opportunity is there for Carter to redeem himself from his prior errors. Whether it being his role in the Divisional Playoff loss last year to the Baltimore Ravens or the Special Teams error against these New England Patriots earlier this season.

The opportunity is there for the entire Broncos secondary who have all seen their share of struggles this season. Whether it be DRC who many were calling a bust prior to this season, or veteran Champ Bailey who many(including myself) were saying he was done, or rookie Kayvon Webster who has gone through his ups and downs this season, and also veteran Quentin Jammer who struggled badly against Phillip Rivers/Keenan Allen last week. All these guys have a chance to redeem themselves. Lets hope this happens.

Tomorrow we will see how this all plays out. I hope it comes out in the Broncos favor.