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We're going to the Super Bowl!

Broncos Country, we're AFC Champs! Come celebrate!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We did it, Broncos Country.

After 15 long, long seasons, we did it.

We're going to the Super Bowl.

Of course, we didn't do all that much. We watched Broncos players and coaches do it.

Peyton Manning did it, with 55 touchdowns in the regular season and 400 yards in the AFC Championship Game. Louis Vasquez did it, not allowing a sack on #18 through 18 games. Terrance Knighton did it, with a team rally late in the season and a 4th down sack of Tom Brady when it mattered. Champ Bailey did it, with a redemptive performance against the New England Patriots that saw him earn his first Super Bowl berth. Adam Gase and Jack Del Rio did it, with brilliant gameplans that showed the Patriots (and everyone else the Broncos faced) were no match for the 2013 Broncos.

John Elway did it, by bringing in Peyton Manning, bringing in Louis Vasquez, bringing in Terrance Knighton, re-signing Champ Bailey.

All these Broncos did it.

Photo credit: 9News NBC Denver

But we did it too.

Broncos Country did it with the loudest playoff environment any foe has ever faced. Broncos Country did it with the smartest display of silence - whenever Peyton Manning was on the field - I've ever seen at Mile High. Broncos Country did it with consistent support of Peyton Manning and John Elway and all these players.

"We couldn't have done it without these fans," Peyton Manning said. "And I am so proud of this team; we have been through a lot."

Broncos Country did it, because these players and coaches did it for the fans.

We did it.

But we're not done doing it yet.

There is still one game left. One game to say, "WE REIGN SUPREME!"

Do it one more time, Broncos players. Do it one more time, Broncos coaches. Do it one more time, Broncos Country.

This one's for it all!