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Broncos 26, Patriots 16! Super Bowl Baby! Your Instant Reactions, the day after

We did it! WE DID IT!!!!!!!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We're going to the Super Bowl!!!!
We're going to the freaking Super Bowl!!!!!

What can I say that we haven't screamed and chanted already?
26-16, and the game wasn't even remotely as close as that score indicates.

From the opening kickoff, the Broncos completely dominated this game. They scored on all but their opening possession. They dominated in all phases of the game and played for a full 60 minutes!

How about some Robert Ayers - Robert freaking Ayers?!?! Do you know how you rattle Brady? You pressure him! Robert Ayers came up with a critical 3rd down sack, a tackle for loss, and a QB hit. He helped turn the tide when the game was still in the balance.

Same goes for Terrance Knighton. What a freaking STUD! He is without a doubt one of the major leaders on not only our defense, but our entire team! What a brilliant move by Jack Del Rio to pick him up in the offseason!

Hey Peyton Manning haters: How about 400 yards, 2 TDs and 0 mistakes? I've been harping all along that when the playoffs start, it's the better team that wins and that Manning's playoff record wasn't a reflection of his play. Well, tonight proved my point loud and clear. "Patriots have injuries" is the excuse that all the Manning haters and Brady jock sniffers will proclaim, but do you know what? The Broncos were equally injured. There would have been no such excuses if Manning lost, so don't give Brady that lame excuse!

How about Knowshon Moreno balling out of his mind? 91 yards on 16 total touches is production no matter how you slice it. He also pass-protected like a boss! Talk about proving to the entire nation that you aren't a first round bust!

Montee Ball, you will get my gameball my man. You are a badass! When we needed two yards, you got two. When Manning needed to get bailed out in the passing game, you came up with reception after reception. Oh, and how about icing the game on a 4th and 2 run? Who didn't jump up and down and scream that Montee was their boy? If you didn't get chills, then you aren't human! Montee is playing better and better as the season goes on, which should scare the crap out of our Super Bowl opponent. His best is yet to come!

John Fox, Jack Del Rio, and Adam Gase: All three of you guys coached one hell of a game. How about the cojones on John Fox for that 4th & 2 game ending play? Last year's Foxy Bear never does that. Not in a million years. How about an amazing defensive gameplan by JDR? Brady and the running game never got squat going. Sixty-four total yards on the ground says it all for a Patriots team whose running game was the media darling, doesn't it? And Adam Gase. You did a great job by calling great play after great play and making sure your offense executed almost flawlessly. A 20-plus yard run on 3rd and 10? Brilliant. Ballsy and brilliant.

I can't leave out our linebackers and DBs. Danny Travathan, Nate Irving, Wesley Woodyard and Paris Lenon. You all played your brains out. Just one more game baby! One more game!

Champ Bailey, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tony Carter and Mike Adams, you all balled out of control. You guys had the lockdown all game. Whenever Brady did have success, it was obviously because you were in full on Prevent Defense mode, so I don't put Brady's limited success on you. You all played amazing games.

Broncos, you did it.

But your job isn't quite done!

There is no NFC team that can touch you. Seattle Seahawks? Get that weak crap out of here. Hey Sherman, yeah, you Ricky, don't be daring Peyton Manning to throw "as many as he wants" at you! Manning is smarter than that: he'll throw it to you if your man's open, and if your man isn't open, guess what, he'll throw it to somebody else. He doesn't care about beating you, he cares about beating the Seahawks! Just like in 1998, the Broncos won the Super Bowl the second they won the AFC Championship Game.

A side note: Every time Josh McDaniels has been in Denver at the same time as the Patriots, the Broncos won!
Way to go boys, and way to go fans! We, the fans, are truly the greatest fans on the planet (just like John Elway said tonight). Drink up (but don't drive) guys, because these opportunities don't come very often. Enjoy the moment. Don't fear tomorrow and don't reminisce on negative moments in the past. It's time to be a fan and it's time to simply be happy! Have fun in the pro bowl Patriots. I hope with each snap you die a little inside! YOU'VE BEEN OWNED!!!!!

A side note #2: Pete vs Rodney Sig Bet Update: Rodney wins hands down. I said that Champ wouldn't be effective after he came back from his injury, and Rodney adamantly (is there any other way with him?) disagreed. We have a 2 week sig bet on the line, and I am thrilled to say that I lost. Champ FINALLY gets to play in his first Super Bowl.

If in 1997 Pat Bowlen said "This one's for John", then he surely will say "This one's for Champ!" after the Broncos prove they're the best in the NFL on February 2nd!

Early prediction for the Super Bowl? You guessed it, 56-17 Broncos.