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Broncos 26, Patriots 16: AFC Championship Game Balls

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos are heading to their SEVENTH Super Bowl in their 53 year history. There will be plenty of story lines for Super Bowl XLVIII, but this one is all about the ballers who put their stud cap on to take down Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

Peyton Manning

Less than two years ago a new sheriff came to town, and thank god he did. It's a special occasion for any fan to see their team in the Super Bowl. A sight that hasn't happened for Denver fans for 15 years. Thanks to Peyton Manning, we're going to see it once again.

The main stream media hyped up the Broncos' roadblocks to New York. "Phillip Rivers had ended Peyton's Super Bowl journey twice before". "Tom Brady has owned Peyton Manning." Blah. Blah. With absolute perfect precision Peyton Manning picked apart every defense he faced this post season. What is most impressive about the Broncos' offense in the past two games hasn't been one or two specific plays. It's been the long sustained, well executed drives orchestrated by Mr. Manning. Offenses that can spread the ball around so successfully can drive defenses mad.

Which the Broncos will have to do one more time. One more game. ~Mr. East

Knowshon Moreno

I'm going with Moreno, guy had 59 rushing yards (4.2 YPC) and 22 receiving yards (11 yards per reception) and continued to block better than some offensive lineman in the NFL. While he did get injured near the end of the game, he showed the power that set him apart this season and it's incredible what this season has meant for him. Prior to the start of the season most fans felt he didn't make the top 25 most important players on the team, at this point Montee is stepping up but Moreno has proven his value to this team in 2014. ~Chris Doll

Montee Ball

No one has been more important to the defense than Danny 'The Closer' Trevathan. -Ian Henson

Montee Ball!!! When we needed a critical third down, he got it. When we needed to ice the game ON 4th FREAKING DOWN, he got it! When Knowshon went out with a concussion, he stepped up. All year we saw Montee maturing. All year we saw him making bigger plays, and when we needed him most, he won the game for us. This is why we got him, and this is why we love him. Montee Ball Baby!!!!!!! ~Big Pete

Demaryius Thomas

Seven Catch for 134 yards and a touchdown. The media, maybe, might finally start to realize Optimius Prime is a beast in his own right. He was Tim Tebow's go-to receiver for crying out loud and was successful at it! My only hope is that the Super Bowl hype doesn't overwhelm these young players. I'll leave that problem for Peyton Manning and John Fox, but I really don't see it being as much of a problem for this team as it might for a team that lacks the veteran leadership like the Seattle Seahawks. Oh and AFC CHAMPIONS! ~Tim Lynch

Danny Trevathan

There has been one certainty this season at the linebacker position and amongst names like Wesley Woodyard and Von Miller that certainty has been Danny Trevathan. The AFC Championship Game was no exception, Trevathan who lead the team in tackles this season led the team once more in this game with eight. Obviously wrapping up the ball carrier where he had the opportunity was his main contributing factor, but in the pass defense is where he provided his added value. In a season with many major injuries, it is the consistently healthy who have led this team to the Super Bowl. No one has been more important to the defense than Danny 'The Closer' Trevathan. ~Ian Henson

Champ Bailey

I was wrong about Champ Bailey. I said he was done. Old and injured, and that the end was near. So glad I was wrong. He played a pretty damn good game today. The team needed him to step up big time, and he did. Champ deserves this Super Bowl trip. The team wants to get this ring for Champ. Can't wait to see Champ pick Wilson in the Super Bowl. Speaking of the Super Bowl...THE BRONCOS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!! ~Scotty Payne

Matt Prater

While a very good offensive effort, few may take away that Prater was the cause of 14 of the 26 points (4 field goals and 2 extra points). This guy had a great game and came through when the offense stalled. While only 1 of his kicks was over 50 yards, making 4 FG's changed the game. In a game that will be remembered mostly for Peyton, Prater was a major reason for the victory and deserves some glory. ~Chris Doll

Terrance Knighton

As I was dropping this content into Kyle's post(he needed a helping hand and I was available), I noticed not a single person on the staff even mentioned Pot Roast. The guy has been an all-pro defensive tackle for the Broncos this year and came up huge in the game against Tom Brady. He is the cog that keeps this defense respectable and at times, lethal. ~Tim Lynch

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