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Adam Gase to the Browns: Thanks, but no thanks

Cleveland's head coach search must continue without Adam Gase.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland's search for its next head coach must continue without the Broncos in mind.

Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase has informed the Cleveland Browns to move on without him in their search for their next head coach, the Denver Post and NFL Network each reported Tuesday. Gase has been long considered the Browns' favorite to win the job, and Cleveland had been waiting for Denver to finish its playoff run for the chance to interview Gase.

As late as Sunday, Adam Schefter reported that Gase was interested in speaking with the Browns at the proper time. So why the change of heart?

Perhaps this change Tuesday comes in light of recent reports that the Browns are high on drafting Johnny Manziel in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, even if it means trading up to get him. Maybe Gase saw that he wouldn't have authority over his quarterback and decided that wasn't the right opportunity for him.

Or perhaps the mere fact that this organization is setting its sights on a quarterback before a head coach set off alarms for Gase.

Either way, we're glad Mr. Gase is staying in Denver in 2014 (assuming another head coach vacancy doesn't open by surprise after the Super Bowl). Under Gase, Peyton Manning and the Broncos broke about every record in NFL annals. Let's see what they accomplish in 2014 with another full offseason together.