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MHR Radio Podcast 2.23 | Super Bowl Edition

Two down and one to go. Against the NFL's best the Broncos look to make it three in a row.

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Just like the Broncos, it seems like Kyle and I have hit our stride. We feel these episodes just keep getting better and better. We have literally everything that you would want to know about the game up until this point, and of course we take a deep dive into Sunday's game against the New England Patriots, pulling in all types of things that you may have missed.

As you know by now, Bill Belichick made an accusation about Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker, but the bottom line is that these same Broncos handed New England a swift loss. This was one where the Patriots never had a legitimate chance at winning. We break it down.

The offense is and has been on a whole different level this entire season, bringing it every time that it has needed to bring it. This game proved no different. What has been different is the level at which Denver's defense has played since the Week 16 loss of Von Miller.

The Broncos, as you will hear, have been the number one overall defense in the post season.

Now what makes the Super Bowl game against the Seattle Seahawks so epic? Yes it is the best offense versus the best defense, but just how good historically is that best defense? Well, we've got that - and a whole lot about Michael Crabtree right here.

The Broncos are in the Super Bowl, making this the most Super MHR Radio episode we've ever created! Enjoy, and be sure to nominate the MHR Radio Podcast for Best Local Podcast in West Word's Best of Denver 2014 Awards!