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Super Bowl 2014: Seahawks' Walter Thurmond chimes in from the Peanut Gallery

Oh this is getting too good now.

Otto Greule Jr

Seattle DB Walter Thurmond has now joined the "Nonsense Brigade" captained by the all great and all knowing Bill Belichick in calling Wes Welker's hit on DB Aqib Talib "uncalled for."

via ESPN:

"It was really uncalled for," Thurmond told reporters Wednesday. "The receiver ran right into the guy. I don't know the extent of the injury Talib had, but I thought we were supposed to protect football players in this league now. I guess not. I guess that only goes one way."

"If you're intentionally coming at somebody, it's supposed to be a flag," Thurmond said. "But they didn't throw the flag on him. Some players get away with a lot more than other players depending on status, but that's just the nature of the game."

Welker's hit on Talib was deemed a legal hit by the NFL yesterday and was only in the media spotlight because Bill Belichick wanted to deflect some blame for his team's lackluster performance in the AFC Championship Game. After his team was thoroughly dominated, Belichick called out the play as one of the worst he's seen.....despite the fact that on the previous series his own offense did the exact same thing:



Belichick and the Patriots have proven to be sore losers time and again. Their part in this is nothing more than sour grapes.

As far as Thurmond goes, the way to keep this news in the spotlight is by continuing to address it and call it down as a dirty play. From their perspective it does them good to keep light on this so that perhaps a few calls during the Super Bowl will go in their favor. The Broncos are going to use this tactic; what better way to attach a negative correlation to it then by continuing the Belichick narrative?

Keep chirpin' Seattle, the squawks I hear are starting to sound like fear...