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Super Bowl Six Pack: Denver Broncos Terrance Knighton is the man of the hour

A little different layout for Horse Tracks this morning. I am merging it with our daily six pack today. If you are here for the daily links, I've put the best of the lot at the bottom of our six pack. Enjoy and go Broncos!

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SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

1. The Super Bowl Weather Stinks

Checking extended forecasts every day since the Denver Broncos won the AFC Championship game is annoying. Mostly because its varied wildly each and every day! As of now, we're looking at 30-60% chance of precipitation and game time temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees, with a wind speed of 8-10 MPH.

This information is based on what and are reporting, which is apparently very unreliable. How about they bring back those 40-45 degree predictions they had three days ago?

I think Roger Goodell needs to move NFL headquarters to San Diego or something. New York City is not the center of the universe in February - its just cold, wet and depressing.

2. Get You Fill of Pot Roast Today

That's right, snagged an interview with Terrance Knighton yesterday. Check it out later today. He's pretty much become my fan favorite out there. I hope he obliterates Marshawn Lynch a few times a week from today.

3. Sherman Fined for Being Douchy

I do believe that is the actual legal language used too, but aside from my trolling of Richard Sherman, he did choke himself in mockery of Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers after making the winning play in the NFC Championship game. Sherman chose to mock and gloat over winning, rather than be a good sportsman and represent his organization and the NFL well to the general public.

I would say the $7,875 fine was well worth the publicity.

4. Dawkins Rallied the Troops Yesterday

It was great to see Brian Dawkins pay a visit to Broncos practice yesterday. The man who coined the phrase "TAKE IT!" had a bit of Super Bowl advice for many of the young players on the Broncos roster who have never played in a bigger game than the one they will next weekend.

I'm proud of the NFC Championship ring that I have. Very proud of that, I still wear that ring from time to time now. But I would have loved for that to be a Super Bowl ring any day.

I loved the message there. What this Broncos team has accomplished this year is something to be proud of, but it will pale in comparison to what they could accomplish with one more win next week.

5. Who Has the Best Fans?

Obviously, the Denver Broncos have much better fans than the Seattle Seahawks. And now we have proof...

6. Horse Tracks

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