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Reaction: Denver Broncos Fans in Seattle Sound Off

With fans all over the world rejoicing over the Broncos trip to Super Bowl XLVIII, it's time we take a moment and experience what our brothers and sisters in Seahawks territory are going through. It's important that they know we are all United in Orange.

Doug Pensinger

As any displaced Denver Broncos fan can tell you, living in another city during football season can be rough. Being in the opposing teams backyard during the lead-up to the Super Bowl? Well, that's another thing entirely. Mile High Report put out a call across social media asking Broncos fans in the state of Washington to share their experiences trying to co-exist with the newly rabid Seahawks fanbase (their words, not mine). These are their stories.


Being a broncos fan in Seattle is a huge commitment. Aside from the boos in the hallway at school and criticism of Denver's relatively inconsistent defense, Seattle fans are often unaware of the impressive players and teams around the league. They don't hesitant to make comments like "Sherman already has a more impressive track record than Champ!" or "When it comes down to it, I want Wilson over Manning because of his leadership and scrambling ability." It's taking a lot of willpower to keep my mouth shut. A lot of willpower to wait for February 2nd to watch them eat their words. When that moment comes, there is nowhere I would rather be than in the heart of Seattle, wearing my blue and orange.


As a Broncos fan in WA, it's crazy especially right now. I can't wear my Broncos clothes around town without someone yelling "Sea-Hawks" in my ear. I went to the preseason game in Seattle this season and Hawks fans hounded me all game! Literally all game. Almost got in two fights, and it was especially bad cause I was wearing my Von Miller jersey and he just got that suspension. People threw stuff at us and this is what it feels like walking around town now. It's like I'm at that game, but I'm not. I can't post anything about the Broncos on my Facebook without the bandwagon Seahawks fans coming up with some sort of response. I never had an issue with the fans or living here until last season when Seattle started to become decent. Now the fans think they're on top of the world and they haven't won anything yet! It gets super old but it will never stop me from cheering on my Broncos! My wife and I have even decided that we are having a small Super Bowl party at our place with Broncos fans and Seattle haters only, because Seahawks fans are so obnoxious! All I know is Denver is winning it all and you better believe I can't wait to be "that guy" and rub it in EVERY Seahawks fan's face that I come across! Go Broncos from Vancouver, WA!


I'm a lifelong Broncos fan who suffered through the first four Super Bowls, relishing the last two. I miss Broncos not being in AFC West. I have the usual Broncos stickers on my cars and wear my gear out in public. If Broncos win or lose, it could be odd for Denver fans up here. Seahawks fans hate the Steelers because they beat them in 2006. It would be the same for the Broncos if Denver wins. If the Seahawks win I'll never hear the end of it. The 49ers would've been a better opponent just for those reasons, although I thought before last weekend the Hawks were the better matchup. It's nauseating to see/hear/read everyone up here defend/congratulate agree with what Richard Sherman did. I won a good share of money when the Hawks lost in 2006, but this time won't be betting. It's bad luck. Go Broncos!!!


The bond between Broncos Family in this area is strong tho. I think it becomes stronger when u behind enemy lines. #BroncosUp @abeworm

It's difficult being surrounded by the worst fans in professional sports. 70% bandwagon, by my estimate. When we win the bowl, they'll say it was the refs fault. I actually heard someone say "Manning is no Wilson." They've got no respect for their opponents, "everyone sucks!!" Bottomline: The bond between Broncos Family in this area is strong tho. I think it becomes stronger when u behind enemy lines. #BroncosUp


Last year it everyone seemed to like a couple teams. You'd see people wearing Seahawk jerseys with, say, a Vikings hat. I've watched a number of Seahawk games at friend's houses over past two years and they'll have Dallas Cowboys blankets on their couches and Pittsburgh Steeler shirts on during hawk games! The whole area seems to be for front runners. Of course there are some loyal fans, but not as many as "the 12" would have you believe! I've been a Broncos fan for thirty years, lived in MT, CO, and WA. I've never seen this kind of bandwagon jumping and smack talking ever! It's been a blast the past few days wearing my bronco hats.The local media has been the worst. Literally, they're saying we shouldn't even show up. Peyton has no shot against the "Legion Of Boom" according to them. "Denver hasn't faced a defense like this all year" ...Ummm no one has ever seen an offense like this in history!!


I'm a lifelong Broncos fan. I was raised in Englewood and Littleton until age eight, when we moved to Seattle. I was young when we moved, but was already hooked on the Broncos. In the '70s my mom had season tickets and the Broncos were already a family tradition. I remained faithful to the team all through school, which was at times brutal. Got laughed out of the lunchroom after wearing my Elway jersey the day after the 55-10 Super Bowl beatdown. Being a Broncos fan in Seattle these days is like being trapped in Hell. These fans think they're the best on Earth - which is laughable. I have a friend who, unfortunately for him, is a 49ers fan, and he likes to call them nouveau riche. They somehow think they have the ability to yell louder than any fans in America - again, laughable. I spend a lot of time gritting my teeth. I will say that there's way more Hawks enthusiasm these days than ever before. It reminds me of Denver in the mid '80s. They do deserve some credit, but it's insufferable. I actively root against the Hawks because of the AFC West history & the obnoxious fans. This is going to be a long two weeks, and the most important game of my life. If the Broncos lose - God forbid - I may have to move.


Since the Super Bowl has been set, it's been more tense. Seahawks fans I know are very cocky and don't realize how poor their offense has been playing. They're all focused on the defense. Watching football with them this season wasn't that bad, they enjoyed watching Broncos with me. Now, it's lots of trash talk. They take on the cocky arrogance similar to what the "Legion of Boom" presents on the field. They believe the Seahawks defense is invincible. That there's no way anyone can beat them, especially in the air.


It's interesting. People here think the Hawks are the only team worthy of support. They don't seem to understand that other teams exist outside of Seattle. I have no connection to them. I went to UGA. I've been a Broncos fan since Knowshon was drafted in '09. I have supported the Broncos from Atlanta to Seattle and they fascinate me. I picked my team based off of players I enjoy watching and learning about, not where I live.

Facebook: James B. F.

Overall it has been fun and pretty exciting. I kind of enjoy the funny looks and reactions I get when they see my Broncos gear. So far all the comments I get on the street are pretty amusing (best two are a lady who saw me in a coffee shop and upon seeing my Broncos gear said "Well that's not popular..." and two guys who saw me walking to my apartment Sunday night and started yelling "UH OH. UH OH! THERE'S A JERSEY WE'LL SEE IN A FEW WEEKS!". There was also one fairly intoxicated Hawks fan Sunday night who stopped me on the street to say "For real bro I can't wait to see you in two weeks").The best part about walking around town representing the orange and blue though is bringing out some other closet Broncos fans. I've gotten a least two "Go Broncos!" a day so far. All in all, it has been an exciting, and very fun week. I've only heard a few truly mean things happen to people, and haven't personally been the target of anything mean spirited.

I will actually be traveling to Denver for work next week and will be staying through the Super Bowl. I've already been informed that while I'm gone my office will be appropriately filled with Seahawks stuff. Since the people in my office were so gracious as to warn me about this, I am planning my preemptive strike for XXXXX night when I leave work (it will probably involve a lot of pictures of Peyton and a lot of pictures of the space needle with a Broncos flag on it being taped up around the office). I may have to tape smaller pictures of Manning's under their optical mice.