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Super Bowl XLVIII Six Pack: The Denver Broncos Take to the Road Today

We'll keep the Six Pack/Horse Tracks merger rolling for another day here. There were a couple of interesting nuggets to be reported since yesterday.
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SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

1. Hitting the Road

The Denver Broncos take flight today, leaving Denver for East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Super Bowl is just a week away and the biggest challenge for the players right now is maintaining focus. Coach John Fox, along with Peyton Manning, have been stressing the importance of harnessing the excitement many of the young players are experiencing into focused intensity.

Demaryius Thomas had this to say,

The main thing with me as a player is that I want to go and win the game. That’s all I’ve really been thinking about. I’m happy to play in it, but I want to win the game.

That's exactly the kind of attitude they will need to match the intensity and fire that the Seattle Seahawks will show up with on defense. The team better prepared will likely come out on top in this matchup.

2. Speaking of Demaryius Thomas...

Demaryius Thomas was asked about going up against Richard Sherman one-on-one and it certainly doesn't sound like Optimus Prime is scared. In fact, it sounds like he might be relishing the opportunity to test himself against "the best corner in the game" and yes, Thomas did, in fact, talk about him.

(Sherman's) a great player. I'd love to have that matchup to show what kind of player I am. I don't know if we'll match up, but like I said, he's a great player.

The media hype surrounding Sherman after his game saving play is getting annoying for this Broncos fan. Why? Because Colin Kaepernick is no Peyton Manning and Michael Crabtree is no Demaryius Thomas. And its not even close. Sherman will need to play flawless football to contain those two, but that will leave Eric Decker, Wes Welker, and Julius Thomas to contend with as well. Forgive me if I feel good about that.

3. A Mile High Super Bowl?

My Broncos bias will get in the way on this one, because I would absolutely love to see the Super Bowl hosted in Denver some day. I certainly think it would be a better venue than East freaking Rutherford, but I also have a west coast bias.

The city of Denver meets all of the requirements the NFL has set for Super Bowl venues other than the randomness of winter weather at altitude. Then again, East Rutherford, New Jersey is about the worst place to throw a football in January or February, so I'm not even sure the NFL is quite sure what it wants.

4. Brandon Marshall Gets Schooled

Brandon Marshall, the wide receiver, was mic'd up for practice at the 2014 Pro Bowl Friday when an actual "greatest ever to play at their position" walked over to give Marshall a few tips on the finer nuances of playing wide receiver in the NFL.

Yep, that would be Jerry Rice. It's good to see Marshall finally matured into a great football player. I loved how he paid close attention to what Rice was trying to show him. I'm thinking I might have to nab Marshall earlier in the fantasy football draft next year.

5. Marijuana and the NFL

Roger Goodell and the NFL are considering the removal of marijuana from the banned substances list, which might be a good idea since a few states have already moved to legalize it within their borders. The debate, I am sure, will rage forth.

As someone who used to smoke marijuana recreationally, I know how dangerous it could be for a players mental health and motivational drive to succeed in their profession. However, I also think the point made about using marijuana to relieve physical pain is a powerful one. Prescription drugs are far more debilitating to the human body than marijuana ever could be.

The problem is, its an all or nothing deal - just like alcohol consumption. As someone who agrees with both sides, I think I'm leaning more towards legalization than continued banning.

6. Horse Tracks