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Quotes: Terrance Knighton details the origin of his "Pot Roast" nickname

Denver Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton detailed the origin of his "Pot Roast" nickname.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Terrance Knighton's "Pot Roast" nickname is blowing up just before the biggest game of his life.

Ironically, the origin of his nickname comes from a game against the same team, the Seattle Seahawks. On Super Bowl Monday, the Denver Broncos defensive tackle broke down where he got his now-famous moniker.

Terrance Knighton on the origin of his nickname Pot Roast

"Yeah, coincidentally afer a Seattle game when I was there in Jacksonville. It keeps coming up now, and we're playing Seattle again."

On the story of his Pot Roast nickname

"It was dark on the plane, and everyone was sleeping. The stewardess was saying 'Pot roast, pot roast' and I raised my hand, as if that was name. The guy behind me was like, 'Yeah, I'm going to start calling you Pot Roast and I'm like 'Yeah whatever.'

"It's stuck with me, but I'm just glad I ordered that instead of shrimp alfredo."

On who was behind him and gave him the name

"Clint Ingram. He's probably the biggest comedian I've played with. I expect something like that from him."

On if he's amazed it's taken off on a national scale

"Yeah. From day one, I thought it'd be something to laugh about for the week. But it's five years later and we're still talking about pot roast. It's fun to play with, and you know, hopefully I go out in the Super Bowl and make some plays, and more people recognize me for it."

On any endorsement chances with meat companies

"(laughing) Well if we go out and win the Super Bowl and I'm pretty sure there'd be something. Maybe a Chunky Soup commercial or something."