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Super Bowl XLVIII: Wesley Woodyard transcript from January 26th

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports


(on the last thing he Googled) "The last thing I Googled? I think it was the best food places in New York."

(on what makes CB Champ Bailey and his career so special) "Champ is a special player. What he does for us on and off the field as far as being a great leader and always doing the things that everyone should follow, he's a great leader, and that's hard to find that. He's a great teammate. Just being here, for him- this a great moment for him."

(on if he thinks about what a Super Bowl win would mean to Bailey) "We've been thinking about that the whole season. It's kind of like, this is one guy that everybody wants to win for. You know Champ, like I said, he's a great person and a great teammate to be around, and we definitely want to get this victory for him and guys like (QB) Peyton (Manning)."

(on why he wears small shoulder pads) "I know my shoulder pads are smaller because of some kind of different impact system they have on them. (I wear) Schultz; Schultz I think is the correct one. It's more of a fitted impact, broader thing, but I have a lot of pads in there. It's padded out more than any other shoulder pad I've ever had."

(on the coldest game he has played in his career) "We had a pretty cold one this year in New England. That was a pretty cold one this year. (Sunday) is going to be pushing it. This year is probably going to be one of the coldest games, and we're ready for it."

(on if he has any tricks to convince himself that he is warmer than he really is) "Don't let the cold weather get you. Once you figure out a point in your mind that you're cold, that's when it gets you. So you just have to block it out and be into the moment."

(on if he wears sleeves) "I'm usually not a sleeves guy, but it all depends. (In New England), I was out there sleeveless. It doesn't even matter when you get out there."

(on his ideal place to have a Super Bowl played) "Right here, right now."

(on what Denver's defense could learn from the San Francisco 49ers' play vs. the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship game) "Those guys (the 49ers) definitely know how to play them being in the same division, but they do have a different scheme than us. One thing they do is they know how to stop the run, so we can definitely watch and see what they did to make them a less powerful running attack."

(on what the Broncos must do to avoid distraction leading up to Sunday's game) "I don't believe there's a thing called distraction. When you work as hard as we've worked, to get here to this point where you've always wanted to be as a little kid, this moment right now, you have to live in it and not let anything distract you."

(on what the flight from Denver to Newark, N.J., was like for the team) "It was cool. Everybody was happy. You know, I think it finally hit most of us that we actually are going to go to New York, so it's pretty cool. Landing, it's a class act. The city of New York is already treating us well."

(on how last year's playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens affected their outlook on this season) "It was more of a sense of ownership this year. Last year, we got on a hot streak and, of course, it hurt losing, but I think we've appreciated it a lot more (this year) being in the playoffs. We do a lot of extra stuff to prepare us, and this year it feels like this is our year to go in and be the best team."

(on their defense prevailing despite injuries to key players) "It's a testament to the guys in the locker room that continue to fight, most importantly, fight for our teammates. That's something that we all hold dear to our hearts. Losing guys like (CB) Chris (Harris, Jr.), (LB) Von Miller and (DT Kevin Vickerson) ‘Vick,' we're out there trying to fight hard for those guys."

(on the challenge of defending Seattle QB Russell Wilson) "You've got to make him a pocket passer; you can't let him run around and make plays. They've got great skill guys. You've got to make sure he isn't running around free out there."

(on if he has scouted out New Jersey for things to do) "I think we've got a pretty good ambassador from that part, (S) Mike Adams. He knows everything that happens around these parts, so we're in good hands."

(on defending Seattle RB Marshawn Lynch) "He's a fighter. When he's out there with the ball in his hands he's going to fight for extra yardage. That's where it comes into play that we make sure we gang tackle and not let him get into true Marshawn Lynch."

(on comparing Lynch with Denver RB Knowshon Moreno) "You really can't. They're two different players. We went up against Knowshon in practice last year, and he was one of the reasons we had a good run defense. Just seeing Knowshon, I can tell you this: every time I see him get up out of that tackle, it frustrates the defense. That's good to see him get up like that."

(on thanking troops overseas watching the game on Sunday) "Thank you guys so much. Without you guys, I wouldn't be living out my dream. Salute to you guys."

(on what he has learned from being a teammate of QB Peyton Manning) "He's a true professional. You could say that about a lot of guys, but he's definitely a true professional. He is one of the first guys in the building and one of the last to leave. He is a working testament every day. Every day he comes to practice, he challenges everybody to be better men on the football field. You can't ask much more for a guy like that."