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Super Bowl XLVIII: Wes Welker transcript from January 26th


(on the impact of the weather)

"I feel good about it. I played in this for six years so I have a good idea of what to expect and what to be ready for, different things like that. It really didn't feel too bad out there just walking over here to this boat and things like that. I'm looking forward to it, this is what football is supposed to be."

"I've seen a lot of games where they've been able to throw for a lot of yards in bad weather. I don't see that being a problem for us." -Wes Welker

(on the fans greeting them at the hotel)

"They definitely made us feel at home. The fans being out there was awesome. We had a great send off from Dove Valley this morning. Everybody is really excited and so are we. We're happy to be here and ready to get to work."

(on if talking about the weather is bothersome)

"I think it is part of what it is and part of what football is supposed to be. You remember growing up playing in the snow with your buddies and everything like that and enjoying it."

(on playing with QB Peyton Manning)

"He is a pretty genuine guy. Obviously, he gets a lot of headlines and this and that. People talk about different things of how he is and different stuff like that, but he's really just a genuine type of guy."

(on if playing in a Super Bowl before is an advantage)

"I think to an extent, a little bit. To expect how to prepare though the week and all the different obstacles you have to go through with tickets or anything else as far as logistics and all that stuff, and understanding that. Going to the game and getting to the game is a little bit different and spending a whole week here and all that stuff. It is a little bit of an advantage. I wouldn't say it is that big of one."

(on the Seattle secondary)

"They have a very talented group, a lot of guys that can really run, a lot of guys that have a lot of length, physical guys. They definitely do a great job collectively of playing within their system and doing a great job making plays."

(on being at the Super Bowl again)

"I definitely feel very blessed to have this opportunity and to be in this situation is very rare. You really can't take it for granted. You really just want to make the most of it, but have fun with it, at the same tine understand we're here on a business trip and ready to play this game."

(on if Manning still loves the game)

"Absolutely. You can just tell he enjoys it and he loves it. He loves being around the guys. He loves the game planning. He loves Sundays. You can just tell all of the aspects of the game he really enjoys. It's great to see and it definitely inspires me as well."

(on if he plans to continue to play after this season)

"I think so. We'll see what happens. I've definitely been blessed with 10 more years than I ever thought I would play in the NFL. I'll just keep on playing until they tell me I can't anymore."

(on his past concussions)

"Obviously it's something that you worry about but at the same time you try not to think about it. You just go out there and try to enjoy the game and have fun with it."

(on passing the ball in bad weather)

"I've seen a lot of games where they've been able to throw for a lot of yards in bad weather. I don't see that being a problem for us. I just see us going out there and executing our plays and not worrying about the weather or anything else. Just have the mindset that we're going to move the ball and score touchdowns."

(on the distractions that accompany the Super Bowl)

"The better you can handle distractions and different things like that the better you will be to be able to play a good game. I'm just trying to limit those distractions and go out there and just play your best game. I think that is the main thing you have to do."

(on his most memorable cold weather game)

"Really there are so many to choose from. I remember we played the Jets one time in 2007 later in the year, low scoring game. It was tough. We had another one in Buffalo where we had 70 mile per hour winds. They had to take a rope and pull the field goal post back upright so that we could kick extra points and field goals and different things like that. I remember the receivers, we would just rotate and we would be throwing each other jackets. There would only be one receiver in the game because we really couldn't throw the ball. Just basically, ‘Here you take my jacket, now you get over here and get warm, I'll go in this play.' We would rotate three of us the whole game."