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This is NOT the #1 Offense vs #1 Defense

Lets not kid ourselves here folks. #1 vs #1? Hardly!

Broncos fans travel well.
Broncos fans travel well.
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

We're being inundated with the "#1 Offense versus #1 Defense" garbage everywhere we look. Well guess what? I'm not buying it! Four letter networks and all the radio stations keep saying that this is the fifth time since the 1970 merger that this has happened, but what they aren't saying is louder than all of their Seahawks love; That this isn't truly a #1 vs #1 matchup!

You see, the Seahawks are in fact the #1 defense for the 2013 season, however, the Denver Broncos are far from simply being the #1 offense in the 2013 season. That's right folks, the 2013 Broncos are the best offense that the world has ever seen! There have been 15,000+ football games played, and nobody has ever put more points on the board than our very own Broncos. Meanwhile, the Seahawks have put together 18 games worth of good defense. Does that sound like a #1 vs #1 to you? Because it sure doesn't sound like it to me!

There have been 15,000+ football games played, and nobody has ever put more points on the board than our very own Broncos!

What also hasn't been said is that in the last seven years, only once has the better defensive team won the Super Bowl. This is not your grand daddy's NFL anymore folks. The rules have been tweeked and changed to give the offense every opportunity to win, and trends like that stat show that it's working.

Even more, this isn't really the fifth time the #1 offense and #1 defense squared off. It is in actuality, the FIRST time that the #1 yardage and scoring offense has squared off against the #1 yardage and scoring defense. Never before has a seasonal #1 offense and #1 defense in both categories squared off, so we can throw trends and stats and witty little quips out the window. But do you know what? None of that matters because the NFL has never seen an offense quite like this one!

Read this article exposing the Seahawks defense by our very own Tim Lynch to put this matchup into better focus. And while you're reading that, check out this article by Brian Shrout which exploits the level of competition that the vaunted #1 defense has had to play. After reading these fine pieces, how can anybody actually claim that this is a fair fight between teams? This is not simply the best offense vs best defense. It just isn't! It's history makers versus good regular season squads. That's hardly fair, and I believe that the game will prove just that.

Rock on Broncos fans. Lets get crazy this week!!!