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Super Bowl 2014: Some of the funnier questions and answers from Broncos Media Day

Can you name any city in Nebraska other than Omaha? What advice would you give to Justin Bieber?

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Omaha! Omaha!

Quick, can you name another city in Nebraska?

Wesley Woodyard laughed then paused. "Omaha, Omaha!" he replied. "That's all I got. Omaha, Omaha!"

Can you replicate the typical Manning face?

Tuesday's Super Bowl Media Day is the wildest day of the entire NFL season. Players were asked a lot of the standard fare - How are you going to stop Marshawn Lynch? What's it like having a teammate like Peyton Manning? - But the circus that is Media Day has characters in the interviewers as well.

Here are some of the funnier exchanges I caught.

How about Shaun Phillips' ability to... fax?

"It probably is the reason that I'm here."

Really? You fax?

"Honestly I send faxes probably once a week. I know it's kind of boring, but for some reason I really enjoy sending faxes. I think it's amazing that you can send something through and scan it through to someone else."

What do you fax?

"Just random things, business things."

Do you have just one?

"Yeah just one... It's my fax machine, scanner, printer. It's all-in-one, but I do own a fax machine."

Terrance Knighton got asked about the origin of his "Pot Roast" nickname again, of course. Then he was asked if he ate Pot Roast. "Nah, nah. I'm a steak and potato guy."

Louis Vasquez is a big guy. So someone wondered, who's the sweatiest guy he has ever blocked?

"I couldn't tell you one person. When I'm on the field it's all ball."

Then, randomly: Do you have anything to say to Justin Bieber?

"No, nothing."

Vasquez is a wise chap.

I hit Wes Welker's station last, and it was clear that, with the hour-long event winding down, the media there were having fun. They asked him a lot of questions ranging from what music he was listening to ("Kings of Leon... popular question, actually") to what kind of weird things he does.

"What kind of weird stuff do I do?" repeated Welker.  "I mean I don't think it's weird.... I put on my pants one leg at a time. Is that weird? I don't know why I do that.

"One thing I love is I get there four hours before the game, and I'm just constantly doing something. And I have no idea where the time goes. I have no idea."

Next a lady came up to Welker and mentioned the fact that Tom Brady never gets high-fives. Would Welker give her a high-five, for Tom Brady?

"Absolutely." Then Welker high-fived the lady as she reached over the podium.

Who else is imagining Tom Brady, on the edge of his seat, waiting for that lady to come and fulfill Wes Welker's high five?

Who's the best dancer on the Broncos?



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