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Super Bowl: Get Your Head In The Game Ronnie Hillman

There's a reason he's been inactive so much

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

You think that sentiment would be a popular one among both Denver and Seattle players, but it appears that Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman has a different mind set going. It appears that it didn't take long for Hillman to hit up the strip clubs. A photo(A little NSFW) is going around of Hillman at Sin City Gentlemen’s Cabaret. I'm okay with him going out and have some fun, but don't get your picture taken. You have to be smarter then that. You're in New York on Super Bowl week, you have to know that the media will make a big deal of this.

Then today at Super Bowl media day, apparently Hillman stopped mid interview to try to pick up a Entertainment Tonight reporter.

Let me first say that I do not believe Hillman is the only one doing this type of stuff this week, but he is the only one being talked about on Social Media for it. While you're in NYC/Jersey to play the Super Bowl you cannot be doing this type of stuff. Especially in today's age of social media. This tells me that Hillmans mind isn't focused on the game. The season is over in five days, he will then have five months or so to go out and have some fun.

I am curious to see what Coach John Fox and John Elway think of this. I would hope that most players are focused on the task at hand, and not letting other distractions get in their way of preparing for the biggest game of their life. I do not believe Peyton Manning would be too fond of this.

Hillman entered the season as the Broncos starting tailback, but after a crucial fumble at the goal line against these Seattle Seahawks, it's been a downward spiral for him this season. He's been inactive most weeks with un-drafted rookie C.J Anderson getting the nod ahead of him. Hillman is still a young man, and has some maturing to do. Hopefully he screws his head on straight or else his job might be in jeopardy this coming offseason.