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Six Pack: The week before the Super Bowl is when players need to be most careful of public perception

Doing stupid things that the media could make a big deal over is probably something that most people should be aware of, but hey, there's always "that guy" who missed the memo.
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Jim Rogash

1. Don't "Green This", ORANGE IT!

That's right, was able to get its website stylesheets updated to reflect our Orange and Blue mentality. In the comments section, you will no longer recommend comments to "turn green". Instead, when you recommend a comment enough, they turn orange!

Not a huge news event, but if you are yapping away with your fellow Broncomaniacs every day here on MHR, then it probably is a big deal. If you don't like it, well, then you probably don't like that I did away with the Horse Tracks format in favor of this Six Pack format. This newer format gives me for freedom to be a blogger and takes roughly the same amount of time and roughly the same amount of news is provided.

2. Ronnie Hillman Made a Mistake?

This photo at a local strip club normally would not be a big deal, but for it to be the week before the biggest game of his career and being "on the bubble" to even be active makes this all the more damning. Wait a damn week to go look at some boobies, man!

It would have been far better to see guys at other public sporting events during their free time. For some reason, that is more socially acceptable - even if both Ronnie Hillman at the strip club and Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker and Eric Decker at the NBA basketball game were during the same hours of the night. Go figure.

3. PFF Provides Their Stock Report seems to be the alter upon which we all worship stats, so I guess its a big deal that they released their stock report for Super Bowl XLVIII.

The Seattle Seahawks Kam Chancellor led the way for up stocks, while Max Under was massively downgraded. I think Peyton Manning still finds a way to beat that secondary and now it looks like Terrance Knighton will feast upon a young center.

Conversely, the Denver Broncos stud happens to be Orlando Franklin who will be charged with keeping Manning off the ground on Super Sunday. Jeremy Mincey also gets an up stock grade, while poor old Eric Decker is back in one of his slumps. Hopefully that just means he was conserving his energy for this week.

4. Rob Ford Likes Orlando Franklin

The notorious crack smoking, prostitute banging mayor of Toronto wore an Orlando Franklin jersey to a press conference about the city's budget yesterday. Thankfully, the two don't know each other and the mayor is only supporting a native Toronto(an?). And we think things are bad in America!

5. Uffsides Loves The Cold

Well duh, the dude is a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan. He wants to see Peyton's neck freeze solid so he can't throw the ball at all. Joking aside, I have been a fan of Matt Ufford's videos all year long. Dude is funny and knows his stuff. If any other team were in the Super Bowl besides the Denver Broncos, I'd be all about the cold weather Super Bowl. However, my team is a passing juggernaut that does better in perfect weather, therefore I've changed my mind. haha This was one of Ufford's best productions of the year - really enjoyed it, even if I don't want the weather affecting things this time.

6. A Guide for Stats

I put this FanPost by fusion10 up on the front page almost immediately, but I still feel like it didn't get enough love from the community. If you've ever argued with people about this stat or that stat, go read this post.

Extra Points

  • Field Gulls mentioned that elite unit versus elite unit usually ends decisively one way or the other, rather than in a stalemate. Then goes on to talk about how the Seahawks will own Manning.
  • Speaking about how the Seahawks will own Manning, MMQB analyzes how Manning will own the Seahawks instead.
  • Sports Illustrated wrote an in depth piece about the relationship between Peyton Manning and John Elway. Must read for Broncos fans.
  • Ex-NFL Commissioner, Paul Taigliabue, called Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen a Top 5 owner in the NFL. High praise from former NFL-brass.
  • Broncos TV covered the circus that was media day yesterday with many videos here, here, and here.
  • writer, Judy Battista wrote an extensive article about the two very different roads taken to the Super Bowl by Peyton Manning and Russell Wilscon. If it wasn't written by Judy Battista, I would have assumed it would end with some Seahawks are great and Broncos are garbage junk, but this isn't NFL Network, its
  • Lindsay Jones covered the NFL journey of Manny Ramirez as well, which was kind of interesting of one of the many unsung heroes of our favorite football team.
  • I try not to listen to Colin Cowherd, but he's been spewing "I think the Broncos win comfortably" for about two days now and it makes me want to scream. Anyone else thinks he is saying that just to spark some Seahawk players angst?

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