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Broncos Country wants to face the Colts in the playoffs

The poll wasn't really close.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Oddsmakers say it's going to be the Indianapolis Colts traveling to Denver for the Broncos' 2013-2014 divisional matchup.

Broncos fans say that would be just fine.

We asked Mile High Report readers which team they would rather face among Denver's possible opponents: the Indianapolis Colts, the Kansas City Chiefs, or the San Diego Chargers. We dropped the question in a poll Sunday, and we re-posted the poll Tuesday. Over 2,400 of you chimed in. The Colts ran away with it.


Why it's surprising - The Colts have the best record and highest seed among the three teams. They beat the Broncos, and they beat the Chiefs this year.

Why it isn't surprising - Most Broncos fans are of a similar mindset; facing a division opponent for a third time is a tricky proposition. Also, many feel the Colts stole one from the Broncos in the regular season. At home, with less fan adoration mind games, fans are confident Peyton Manning will take care of business against his former team.

A Colts win over the Chiefs on Saturday combined with a Bengals win against the Chargers on Sunday would grant oddsmakers their prediction and fans their wish. Be sure to stick around through the weekend for our coverage of the AFC's Wild Card Weekend.