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Super Bowl Weather Update: Forecast has improved dramatically in last 24 hours

The weather for the big game has improved dramatically since our last update.

Andrew Burton

"What I figured about the weather is, you just wait five minutes and it will change," Broncos coach John Fox said today. He couldn't have been more right.

Just over a day ago, we reported forecasts that had the temperature somewhere between 25-40 degrees for the game. My how things have changed for the better. Not only is it going to be warmer, but the change of precipitation has gone down as has the projected wind speed.

I was actually shocked by the change so much, that I pulled updates from two different sources to make sure and sure enough here they agreed with the drastic change.



That is pretty much a 10 degree shift in the daytime high, which means it should be considerably warmer at kickoff late that Sunday afternoon. In fact, a check of the hourly forecast from another source shows an 8 degree difference between the forecast a day or so ago and today's forecast.


The wind speed isn't too different, but for as much play as the weather for this Super Bowl has gotten and how much the Denver Broncos coaching staff and players have had to downplay its affect on their offense, they will absolutely take these improved conditions over a more cold and blustery day.

This news only helps the Broncos in their matchup against the Seattle Sehawks. Let's hope it holds up!