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Denver Broncos to play Indianapolis Colts or San Diego Chargers next week

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SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

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So no matter what happens tomorrow, the Denver Broncos will be playing a team that beat them during the regular season. The Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium handed Peyton Manning and the Broncos their first loss of the year in a 39-33 game that turned out to be quite an emotional one for Manning. One figures a rematch in Mile High Stadium would take the emotions out of the equation somewhat for a little wanton revenge.

Meanwhile, if the San Diego Chargers somehow take down the Cincinnati Bengals tomorrow, then it would be a rematch from a 27-20 defeat the Broncos suffered to the Chargers on Thursday Night Football later in the season. The Broncos in that game came out very flat and unprepared for that game, which was very different than the first matchup where the Broncos dominated the Chargers from start to finish.

There is one other team in the AFC Playoffs that defeated the Broncos in the regular season. That team happens to be Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. It would be a twist of fate if the Broncos were somehow able to get redemption all the way to the Super Bowl, but first things first, they need to take care of business on January 12, 2014 against either the Colts or Chargers. No one and done this year, please.

One thing is certain, it won't be easy either way. After watching one of the greatest comeback victories in NFL Playoff history, I was reminded that on "Any Given Sunday" any team can win in January. That's why we love the game!