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Ace in the Hole: Mike McCoy

If you told me the Broncos would go into a game where John Fox looked like a riverboat gambler when compared to the other coach, I would think we were playing the likes of Dan Reeves. Turns out the Broncos have a slight advantage in the coaching department this week and it's all thanks to our old pal Mike McCoy.

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I'll get it off my chest now. I don't like Mike McCoy. I didn't like him while he was here, I didn't like how he seemingly always kept the reigns on the offense, and I really didn't like that he conducted interviews last year during our bye week. "Lots of coaches do that Bronco Mike, it's part of the business!" Gase didn't.

But liking or not liking someone does not mean I can't give credit where it is due. Though Gase and his playcalling may be flat, predictable, and downright conservative, he still manages to put players in positions to succeed, even if he doesn't put them in optimal situations to realize their full potential.

Here's why having the former Bronco coach on the enemy's sideline on Sunday will benefit the Broncos.

Run Run Pass

Remember this right? This was the recipe for the Tebow offense, and until Peyton Manning became more assertive here in Denver, this is how the Broncos offense operated at the beginning of 2012.

I know there are some McCoy fans out there that will cry foul, but I have proof, and it comes from the last the Broncos and Chargers faced off.

That was an in-game tweet I sent out. And here was the reason. With 9:52 remaining in the 3rd quarter of that game, up 24-10, the Chargers went run/run/pass four times in the next two drives. They ended up converting three first downs from that sequence, but two of them were due to Broncos penalties. In fact from that juncture in the 3rd quarter until the late in the fourth when Kaeding all but sealed the game after a Manning turnover, the Chargers ran the ball 18 times and passed it 5 times.

They were moving the ball and the tactic worked that time around. But it was also the very thing that kept Denver in the game. You and I have seen how this offense can score a lot of points quickly. If the Chargers think they can get by a 2nd time using this method then the Broncos run defense is broke. It's the only way it will work.

Even more than the predictable play calling though, you can bet that if the Chargers are facing a 4th and short in FG range, they will kick it. You know that if they face 4th and short from beyond the 35 yard line they will punt. You know if they get stuffed on the goalline they will kick the FG on 4th and short, and you know that with a lead they will not keep their foot on the accelerator.

Mike McCoy is the Broncos ace in the hole on Sunday.

Welcome back coach!